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Rules Update: Venting About Players
Admin Rules have a new entry.

There is a new entry to the Admin section of the @rules that the staff has voted to adopt. It reads:

7.J. Venting About Players

Administrators will not use any public admin channels to insult, sully,

or taint, players they dislike (including bringing up past corrective

actions taken by admin at unnecessary moments), who they have had an OOC

disagreement with, or when they do not agree with the roleplay that player

is engaging in. While there are times where admin may wish to vent about

player, or character actions, that venting should happen privately as

doing so publicly can have the unintended effect of 'poisoning the well'

of admin opinion against that player. Admin will be warned about this 3

times at which point corrective action, determined by Senior Staff, will

be taken.

Thanks for this.

I literally just took unconscious bias training yesterday at work. This one falls under the "horns / halo" effect.

Halo - Person A has a positive interaction with Person B and all subsequent interactions are biased towards positivity.

Horns - Person A has a negative interaction with Person B and all subsequent interactions are biased towards negativity.

It is worth mentioning that these biases are a natural part of being human. We are not bad people because we are biased. Our challenge is to become aware of them and mitigate them when appropriate.

What is appropriate in personal interactions is not appropriate in the workplace. Sindome, especially when it comes to staff and player interactions, is more like a workplace. I might not "like" a colleague for a number of reasons, but as long as they are doing their job and performing as expected, I don't need to "like" them, nor do they need to like me.

Edited as player was banned.

(Edited by Slither at 3:11 pm on 12/9/2020)