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RP Workshops
Improve your roleplay with little nudges.

So, I remembered Slither used to run these little workshops- Like the one on poses.

I plan on running these workshops periodically and about different topics. They are completely OOC and you will be in an OOC area outside of the game while they occur.

The first topic I'd like to touch on for the workshop is Disguises and how to properly identify them/not be meta about it. Despite the Staff not policing disguise meta anymore, I feel it is important for us to teach players how to NOT be meta.

This first workshop will be ran next Saturday at 1 PM Dome Time. Announcements will be done a few times before we kick it off.

Hope to see some of you bakas there. <3

(Edited by Celestial at 12:37 pm on 3/27/2021)

I love this idea.

I am one of these baka's who needs this.

This is great!
Was planning to attend but it looks like I may be out Saturday and miss it. Any chance this will be logged and put up on the forums after? :)

That's the plan. This workshop and all my future ones should be logged and posted on the website.

Super excited for these. It's been a while since we did one and they are really helpful. If you can attend I recommended it!
This was amazing.

Thank you Cel. Be well everyone who participated.

Thank you Cel! Can't wait for more!

I would love one about playing stats that are below or above your IRL ability better, specifically intelligence, but all of them would be good!

Thank you for the workshop, Cel, Storm, and Johnny!
Excited to see the log!
So I got permission in xooc to put a couple suggestions for topics in here for topics.

Plotting workshop, How to structure schemes in a way that GM's would understand.

Interacting with GM's tutorial. Like, what GM's want from players when they interact with them.

Playing to skill workshop, this one might be difficult. But how to come off as badass of a person as you are, or as weak as you are, and just playing to your characters skill in general. Learning when to direct people elsewhere etc.


I'll keep those in mind.


The workshop log is located here: