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Roleplay Lovers Association (RLA)
The RLA is looking for suggestions!

hi there

so I just became a founding member of the Australian wing of the RLA and I'm looking for suggestions on what my team and I can do to increase roleplay awareness and make a social hub for all roleplayers to feel welcome in through LARPs and such.

so if you have any suggestions for the RLA and any events no matter how crazy they might seem please reply here so I don't get shouted at in the next meeting for not having any fresh ideas to help further the RLA's cause

in essence, a cool event might be to have a smoking hot barbeque meet up! :D

pls send me your ideas otherwise our founder is gonna beat me up

also, we're a christian foundation so please make sure you suggest stuff that adheres to our religion

bear in mind that we also have a strict no violence policy as in one of our last meet ups one of our members sadly hit on the IRL player of someone he ERP'd with and was hospitalized :(

holy shit that last detail
also the RLA condems people who roleplay children and everyone who wishes to be a member must be roleplaying a character above 18.
Wait...he hit on someone and got hospitalized for it? I'm sure I'm reading that incorrectly.
hm... strange...
This is highly amusing.
Interactive Theater events. In the Boston LARP circles we call them 'LARP lite'. It's like murder mysteries or events that have an over all plot, some puzzles (usually pretty easy stuff like basic ciphers and basic lock picking and sudoku style puzzles) that are given out by NPCs and if you solve them you get more info or get to influence the way the event ends.

These types of events are a lot easier to sell to non-LARPers than 'come to a larp for the weekend' or 'we are having a larp event where you totally immerse yourself in a character for X amount of time'. People can basically play themselves but they get exposed to roleplaying by virtue of interacting with NPCs who are in character.

We've drawn a fair amount of new people into LARP in Boston using events like that as a baby step into the pool so to speak.

Host discussion panels. Consider topics like "bleed" and other things that are really unique to RPGs and LARPs.
I'd argue that bleed isn't unique to rpg/larp. You see it in theater, jobs, BDSM scenes... I think it's more prevelant in Larp/rpg though, as people tend to spend more time in their characters heads.
Bleeding in BDSM....