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Neverending Story Forum Game
On and on and on and on and on and on and on...

So, I saw this forum game a while ago where each person contributes two words to the story, and it can get quite hilarious.. Basically, I start it by saying something like "Darth Vader" or "This fucking" and the next person will say something like "smoked weed" or "potato won't" and so on. So... I'll start!

There was...

incontrovertible rigomrale
about cats
who tortured
the fuck
until he
ate plaster
and jerked
a child

Then realized

his casserole
was sentient
and tasty
but couldn't
sleep right
So he
took a
long walk
on the
short pier
to find
the majestic
flying dildo
which was
made of
severely lacking
Bowtie kittens
. Just then
they swam
across the
dark lagoon.
Hidden under
a giant
volcano that
explodes only
was made
dammit.) With candyfloss.

in China where
little people
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