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MUDRammer sending question marks?
It?s about time! How?s it work?

This one is super simple, actually.

Step one, go to your iOS settings app, the one with the gear symbol.

Step two, scroll down and click on the 'General' folder.

Step three, scroll down until you see the 'Keyboard' folder. Click on that. You will see a lot of options.

Step four, turn 'Smart Punctuation' to 'OFF'. The reason this affects your MUDrammer client is because Smart Punctuation uses special quotation marks which are not in the character set supported by the client. Disabling Smart Punctuation will revert your quotation marks to the regular ones, and thus also make apostrophes behave normally again.

Man, I just turned off smart punctuation for the first time last week and it such a big help. Not just for this, but also for a lot of other stuff too. I was so tired of avoiding typing words with apostrophes because they would get messed up. That said, I have to say that out of all of the MUDs that I have played, Sindome is probably one of the best experiences that I have had on mobile.
Glad to be of help! I use MudRammer a lot personally and try to remind people as much as I can about this, figured I'd make a post on it

Smart quotes are the devil.