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MOO Cleanup Day 06/26/21
A day of cleaning and not much GMing

Hey Folx,

We're having a MOO Cleanup Day on June 26th. This will be a day of the staff (with help from players here and there) cleaning up the MOO, updating things like SIC / TV ads, fixing typos, fixing critical bugs, updating the Wiki, and doing a bunch of other tasks that are important but that we only do 1 or 2 times a year.

Please keep in mind there will be limited GM support that day as we'll be primarily focused on clean up.

In preparation, there are a few things you as players can do!

1. @review-cloth

2. if you have a hoard of gear, sell some of it that you don't need.

3. trash anything that is cheap or non-useful that you don't need

4. review your @description and @nakeds and make sure you have a reasonable length for stuff

5. keep an eye on Fix-It and help as you can

6. @typo any typos you haven't had a chance to log yet


-- S