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Is the Moo Online?
Can't connect

Is the Moo up and running? Because I can't connect anywhere, make it on Mudlet or even on the web thingy majig. It does say that the Moo is running on the web thing, but it's literally all black for me, nothing shows up.
It is, there's just a 20+ minute lag. There's another post about it in Connection Issues.
There's around five to seven minute lag on the system. The CPU consumption hangs in tightly around 99,83%, so it might take a good while to clear out without moderator assistance.
Same here.
Makes sense how I don't manage to login. Thanks! c:
I haven't been able to log in all day. Is there a serious issue?
Yeah games down. Has been for at least six hours, I'm watching the forum to see if anyone posts when it comes back up.
Let's hope that thing won't have a fucking meltdown.

Not sure but it sounded like it already did. Other players were saying this was probably a runaway CPU situation, like last week. I literally know nothing about what that is, but I'm guessing we'll probably have a rollback like last time.
I miss you guys already
the one day i had nothing else to do ;-;
Looking into it.
<3 Slither
Thank Anor.
I blame Chuk for this.
+1 BruceKadine
Inciting a riot! Fine me. (Work has been so slow today, I'm literally drawing a comic of SinDome to pass the time.)
son of a gun, the one day in like 2 weeks I was gonna hop on

I blame Trevor

son of a gun, the one day in like 2 weeks I was gonna hop on

I blame Trevor

I'm just hopeful that we won't need to do another rollback.
I'm going to bring the moo down and back up, please don't connect until I've given the all clear.
Still not clear, moo ran away again. I'm looking into further. Could be a bit.
Varolokkur, show us once it's done :)
Thanks Slither.
Meanwhile at Cobblestone Plaza
Meanwhile in Red Sector:

All remains the same

I'm so saaaaaad.
The issue should be resolved, you can get back on.
Praise be to Slither. +1
Good job!
But...but... it's not faaaaaiiiiirrr.
The issue was with some new code I wrote to better wrap text that included color tags. It got some data I wasn't expected which caused an infinite loop which ate up all the memory on the server and lagged the MOO. The code has been removed until it can be fixed.

Sorry about that folks!

-- S

Thank you for keeping us updated!

We understand these things happen from time to time.