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Guided Discussion: 01/03/23 6PM DST
Scheduling a guided discussion on the game

It's been my goal to have guided discussions about important IC/OOC topics in between town halls. This plan comes out of feedback we've received about the town hall format and the limited back and forth we are able to have due to time constraints. So, we are breaking off specific large topics to have guided discussions on. The next one is Tuesday January 3rd, 2023 at 6PM DST.

Topic: A lot has happened in the past 3 months. On the BGBB and OOC chat the players have said they'd like to discuss the current state of the game, and various things that have transpired OOCly. So, that's what we will do. We're not going to have an agenda per say. It'll just be a round table of sorts where people can weigh in with questions, ideas, etc. We'll be using the guided discussion channel.

If you can make it, please do. If you can't, we will post a log afterwards.

Reminder that this is tomorrow!
Ugh, sorry. Southwest Airlines strikes again. I have to change the time due to a flight being rescheduled as a result of the issues they've been having.

I can either postpone until next week or I can do it at like 3pm DST. Thoughts?

I can't speak for other players, nor do I know what average player online times are, but 3pm DST works a little better for me personally.

I would be able to attend opposed to not being able to attend so 3pm is considerably more suitable for me specifically. Then again next week on a non-work day would also be good for us Euro players.
Should be available for both options, just looking forward to the discussions!
3PM is fine and is a little friendlier to our international players, plus might give enough time for EST players to get home from work and a couple hours before west coast traditional workhour players will leave work.
Okay, sounds good.
Thanks to everyone who joined for the discussion today. If you weren't there and want to catch up you can use @xswitch guided / @rewind to view a log.
I'm sure I'm not the whole one who has a hard time reviewing very long @rewinds so I went ahead and created and formatted a log of the discussion for anyone who wants it.

Guided Discussion, 4 January 2023

I've edited out blank messages and channel joins/leaves, I don't think any OOC-Chat messages sneaked through but if it did sorry about that.

I cannot believe this but we used too many no-no words for Pastebin's filters.

It's live now, I apologize to everyone who got an edited-in grawlix in their profanity.

Thanks for putting together a pastebin on that.

Here's a hack for you all using the web client (and possibly it will work with non webclients that support local editing):

@edit-options +local

@xswitch guided


This will pop out the @rewind in a new window.

(Edited by Slither at 8:11 am on 1/4/2023)