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Good fishy, bad fishy, ugly & pretty.

I would like to see fishtanks IG, if they aren't already. This occured to me when I decided I wanted some to enrich my characters personality. Sure it can just be part of an apartments description, but wouldn't it be cool if we could make them to be like the flower growth system in place ? Feed them, to keep them alive and healthy, and if you don't they die. Not sure how hard this would be to code, but opinions ? Would be nice to be able to actually interact with it as an item in the room compared to just RP'ing it all out.
There are some locations fistanks do indeed exist in game. I am not sure they can be purchased however.
I would like all furniture to be an item, not just a "help seating" device.

But yes, fishtanks should be available as dogs and cats I believe are available in character.

Anything which gets people to need to earn and spend money.
Tanks with women dressed up as mermaids in bars. Yes. Let's make it so. Oh, maybe that Gill cyberware to breath under water gets you a promotion or at least better pay. ;)

Little digression.

By the way, you can help decorate your apartments. There currently are fishtanks in game in some places but you can likely work with the builders and decorate the apartment a little differently. Not all apartments have furniture you can interact with even though in the description the pieces are there. Have patience and e-mail.