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Current Investigations & Timeline
Updates on current stuff

Wanted to clarify, in a thread, that Senior Staff need to investigate accusations against staffers. And that means Johnny and me and Glitch, at this point.

All of us are very busy IRL during the week, with our jobs and families. The rest of staff keeps us informed as they can.

We are moving forward with our investigations, but people need to be patient, as we have processes in place and checklists to follow, docs to prepare, this takes time. Then we need to present this info and propose votes.

Given the public nature of how some of this stuff went down, we'll provide updates here.

Update 09/16/22

The staff have voted on a number of outcomes based on this weeks events.

Celestial has been removed from staff for a minimum of 6 months for ignoring the staff decision not to comment on Mirage's removal from staff. After 6 months, a vote would need to take place to determine if the staff wish her to return. Separately, she indicated she was resigning from staff.

Storm has been suspended from staff for 1 month, at which point a vote could take place for him to return. The staff indicated that Storm is a valued member, and that there were mitigating circumstances (defending himself from unfounded accusations) that played a part in the posts he made, some of which contained information that violated our IC/OOC policy. Separately, Storm has indicated he was resigning from staff.

The staff voted to remove 2 people from the game for blatantly ignoring our IC/OOC rules, outing staff alts on OOC chat, and causing significant community harm.

The staff voted to suspend 1 person from the game for violating our BGBB policies.

This brings the open investigations to and end unless there are further developments.