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Copying Word Choice & Phrasing
Ruins the Game for the Chummers You're Copying

I'm sure that for 95% of the playerbase, it will seem like I'm annoyed about nothing, but on behalf of the other 5%:

There are players who agonize and re-work their describes and nakeds ad infinitum, who spend hours working on clothes, performances, paintings, etc. To me, the things I've written are as personal and meaningful as any piece of writing could be, whether it's a poem, a story, lyrics, whatever. I put my heart and soul into it. I know a lot of other players do, too.

Seeing my language copied/barely modified and re-used by someone else is extremely disappointing and jarring. It literally sucks the life and interest for the game out of me. A while ago, a character who was designing their tattoos copied some of the language from an article of clothing that I'd made for them. I brushed it off because at least I'd written the clothes for that character, so there was some connection there, but I was still disheartened to see my careful work copied.

Today I saw a random NPC with an element of my nakeds in their description. This is all I have to say: if you're on the Fix It channel or whatever and you're providing ready descriptions for characters, things, whatever, please don't do it by copying elements from other people. Thanks.

It actually isn't so bizarre. I fully agree with Crooknose's sentiments. I'm sure there many instances where it's actually completely innocent and unintentional to match the cases where it's the opposite. It isn't something new, though, and people will either directly lift or imitate (subconsciously or not) the writing of creative people to use for their own purposes.

It's frustrating. It's discouraging. It also can feel intensely personal when that happens. I don't know if when people do it intentionally whether they realise the amount of time and energy creators put into stuff, but I do hope if it's happening on purpose those people reconsider.

Mmm, still a little bizarre. πŸ™‚
It's copying PC @look_places that really throws me for a loop. I get that copying ambient @lps is a growing part of the meta now but ripping unique place descriptions directly from other PCs is just jarring and I hope I stop seeing that trend.
I get what you guys are saying, but plagiarism happens in real life and why would a backstabbing dystopian society from the future be any different?
"Plagiarism is the highest form of flattery."
I read this as she saw an npc with carbon copies of her nakeds. That would be whacky for obvious reasons.

I really want to know what was supposedly copied now and used on an NPC.

99.99% of the content that previously entered the Fix-It channel would get re-worked to be made up to personal standard, that includes running it through a thesaurus because people have a knack for making things sound the same character to character and place to place. I think my point is, there is a good possibility that you're mistaking just another Sindome contributor running out of ways to re-organize the same descriptors for a copy-pasta.

And if it was a copy-pasta, since players don't own anything they contribute to the Sindome servers, you should try to just be flattered instead of outraged. :D

Yeah, I don't see how this is a problem. Just seems a bit nitpicky. I also don't see a problem with using someone else's @lp or even voice-- granted your skills reflect your unspoken ability to do this.
If it's a PC copying your artwork for tattoos or clothes go fuck 'em up!
This is 100% IC. Someone saw your style and copied it because they thought it was cool. This happens in real life too, right?
I get what Crooknose is saying here, if someone copies you with something it can feel annoying, possibly even insulting... that being said, do try and think of it as a compliment. To quote Hek's quote " "Plagiarism is the highest form of flattery." "

Possibly with @nakeds, yeah, it's not an IC thing you can deal with "Hey baka, why the fuck do you look like me?" sounds pretty dumb :P

On the other hand, clothes, tattoos, song lyrics, etc... if they're copying your style, give them a stomping in the street to remind them who's the original.

"Hey baka, why the fuck do you look like me?" is a perfect reason for a beatdown in the Mix to me.
I stand humbly corrected. Just break all of those bakas copying yo style!
Ooh, tailors & tattooists using their powers for evil!!

I hear knives also work well as copy protection against @nakeds. πŸ˜‰