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Character Arts 9

The last thread was getting pretty long, so here's a new one!

Just had another commission of my character done, I like the style a lot.

AI Art Scum. Little over the top on the clothes but vibes are right.

Won't go into why this magazine cover could never happen, but I love this commission.
Won't go into why this magazine cover could never happen, but I love this commission.

[EDIT: Did not have the image on the post, first time inserting an image here, sorry!]

Not quite character art, but felt like it fit here:

Wish you were beer.

Character Art. You will never guess in a million years who this could possibly be.
Of course, I forget to post the image.
Here's the picrew link:
this time with the actual image!

Some more AI art
Well that's super tiny, so I'm gonna try it again. Hopefully this one is a better size.
AI art!

Heavily edited AI art.

I been messing with AI art a lot, and I got a lot of really good pictures out of it


This thread's always fun.

Here's the most recent for mine (also AI art!):

I actually commissioned some character art and it turned out amazing:)


@eve and @bubblekangaroo pleeeease tell me how you get your art like that with AI generators. It's a struggle for me. This is about the best I could get out of

Did an AI art gen, It's close enough.

In my case I use Bing's Image Creator. I used some description of what I was looking for "Cyberpunk portrait of with , .

Weird cut off on last post I'll try again: "Cyberpunk portrait of 'specific ethnicity' woman with 'defining traits', 'watercolor'. The watercolor at the end was to get it to produce a specific style. It will also do line art, cartoons, and a lot more if you prompt it.

(Edited by Mench at 9:46 am on 11/10/2023)

We have an anonymous submission for you! Enjoy!

I need to know the artist for that Cowbell. That is FANTASTIC. Would love to commission them.

Something along the lines of these, anyways.

Some AI art that ended up spot-on:

Here for some corporate Creative Problem Solving (AI Art, but looking to get some proper commissions done if anyone has suggestions.)

" />

Re-attemp on the image, by bad

If this is what you were attempting to post, FogChild1, you need to make sure it has a .jpeg, .jpg, .png, whatever kind of image indicator at the end.

You were just posting which leads to the page its hosted on, where if you go to that link and 'copy image address' you'll get the whole link.

Anonymouse art posted through the Character Arts Anonymous Help Line

Submitted through the Anonymouse Artist Helpline.

Anonymous Art Submission!

AI Art:

Also AI, but captures her just perfectly:

Looking a bit older, and after some mods to the eye-color.
Anoonymus art line

Love that art that Mench posted from the anonymous art line. Huge props to the artist.
AI art. Not to bad but the eyes didn't come out grey enough.

i watched 800 animes to get this just right (commissions available)