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Character Arts 8
Because its about that time chummers

Because that last one is too long and I have been fiddling with Metahumans to make my character animated and fancy for some projects.

the creature

^^ Cute art of a fun and interesting character!
dropped 100 smackaroonies on even more art of my character. probably wont be done for a while but im looking forward to it
An approximation of Kaspar, made in art breeder.
An approximation of Kaspar, made in art breeder.

the creature (but its a very nice fully colored version that i wasn't expecting but got anyways which was kind of the artist!)

Sometimes you just gotta sit down and make some character art.

Your favourite cowboy.

Artist is!

i gave metahuman a try, hope u like :)

might be a more recognizable version of him!

Submitted via the anonymous report-a-mixer tip-line.

i come bearing bois

Four Zero
advancements in technology have brought you a more accurate boy

Fourty, Now with badly photoshopped in face tattoos
Fun fact, you have to upload images before you post them.
an animator i like was doing $35 mini-commissions on stream last night so i got more art of The Boy

Not an exact 1:1 at the moment in terms of cyberware at the moment but got this done a couple years ago for the character I've carried over here.
Seems to not have linked properly the first time around hopefully this works. Otherwise uh, link included just incase.

Wow! This character art is all so good! Love it....our little City sure has grown up :)
Let's see if I uploaded this right.

Misunderstood young lady:


That cowboy chibi is so cute.

I've looked at your cowboy a few times. That's some badass art man.

Posted this in xooc the other day then forgot to actually put it in the art channel. Couldn't be more pleased with the art and I'm super happy I decided to pay extra for the background art. Withmore City is truly the most important character in the game, It deserves to be seen.[url]

The artist for this one is Marcel Mirzada. They're a spectacular artist. Great communication and detail work. [url]

Here's some historical art of this character. Withmore changes everyone. It's fun to see the journey.

Messed up some links

Link to art image.

Link to artist.

Sssso I made some art. Me. I know. I am still very much an amateur. But I wanted to do this. I drew it on paper, then polished on iPad. The headband doesn't exist in game yet, but.. considering how shit is going, I might never get the chance to post this soon, so I will post it in advance.

The one and only. o.o

@Veleth Glad you did make character art of that character. For their brief apperance, they really made an impression.

@Rillem Not a clue who this character is, but that is iconic.

@MongOfTheWeek That is not a character, it is uncredited artwork by @rinotuna, here is the artstation link. and their patreon.
Honestly Thank you. I was wondering where it came from. I probably should have google image searched it first. Now to sign up for their patreon.
The time has come! New and updated image.

I'll jump on the cool kids artbreeder bandwagon.

Because AutoDesk Sketchbook decided to do some fuckery, and I lost all my layers, I'll have to redo large portions of the inprogress of this but have the sketch! Will look aces when done but who knows when that will be at this point.


That image is amazing.

Did you commission that?

Who is the artist?

@Hek That's my own work, thanks! Had an idea I wanted to sketch out because I was redoing nakeds.

I have my info in the artist thread.

I made my character with the Bitmoji app, where you can customize an avatar's clothes and do a bunch of HILARIOUS poses and facial expressions...The results are even better than I had imagined!

Imgur link just in case cause the forums kind of hate me sometimes

Reminder that if you wish to keep a secret and post your character art anonymously then you can email [email protected] and we'll post it for you.

Just let us know what message you wish to 'post' with it.