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BGBB shit posting
Stop, or lose BGBB posting access

I've had several people complain that the BGBB has been spiraling into sour grapes and shit posting lately. I'm not cool with this. I've warned some of you. Others I haven't had the time.

Those of you doing this, please stop. I'm not going To continue to warn people. I don't want to have to police the tone or content of posts. I've instructed the GMs to start blocking people from posting if they are being jerks.

If you don't like someone's idea or how they are presenting it, please give them constructive feedback and do not name call or insult ideas. challenge the ideas, not the person. Debate the specifics, not a person's character.

Otherwise you won't be posting at all. There won't be further warnings. There is no call for name calling and other shit posting here.

-- S