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A thank you

Have been fighting for a while to come back here. A lot of life happened and been away a while, but had many troubles over the past few weeks coming back. Albeit the website and boards helped me catch up quite a bit, but have to give it to several admin for having the patience to help me through a few perspective dilemma's I had as of recent. I don't know if naming off is appropriate, but it was very helpful, especially when it came to 'Find out IC'ly' and no that's not sarcasm. It though discouraging, helped inspire.. And though I didn't fully agree, dealing with lore outside of and not pertaining to; Withmore.. It helped me gain a new perspective.. And then through a few problems that I don't know what actually happened; created even more. Rekindled is not the word, with the vast additions to the game, and the growing player base; I am anxious to have more time to see what Withmore has in store for the future.. Guilty to have ever left, but am ever thankful that so many are still here. ;)

Welcome back Amigo! It's always good to see someone come back to the community and I hope that you have an awesome time!! <3
Welcome back!