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30 Minutes Stuck in a MOO Maze
Men don't ask for directions

Use the right hand or left hand rule, and you'll get out eventually.
Please keep in mind information like this is borderline IC info. I know you don't say where this maze is, and that the mazes changes daily, but still. I would be much more comfortable with this being an IC post on the grid talking about how crazy MAZE-LOCATION gets sometimes and how people should watch out :)

Thanks for the response. I was hesitant about posting it due to it being on the borderline, but I figured as long as I didn't mention any specifics it would be okay.

I can delete the post if you want me to. I just figured other people who have found themselves in similar situations would get a chuckle out of it.

Man, the mazes on Sindome are so nice compared to my last MUD. Some of the mazes in that game had rooms that were identical in description but when you went west you actually walked back into the same room. Used to have to leave bread crumbs of 'continual light' balls so you could tell where you already had been. More than a few of them also came with the added bonus of aggro mobs that would attack you when you walked in or out.

One was particularly rough and I think I spent a day or two in there before finally figuring it out.