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The new lore system is kind of bad

previously, if you wanted to look for something like "Drugs" and what their effects are for rp or was as simple as searching it on The Mind and clicking the "Drugs in Withmore" lore page, but now if you search it, it takes you an unfinished drug page, that links to the drugs in Withmore page, but when you click it, it just takes you to the generic Withmore City page which is annoying because this information wasn't anywhere else accessible on the fly. Can we just go back to using The Mind or convert its old pages that are still relevant?
Lots of hard work went into the new lore system both from code and from people writing stuff. Sucks that you're so dismissive of it. :(

(Edited by Slither at 8:07 pm on 7/27/2023)

I apologize if I came off as dismissal, rereading it I did sound a little bitchy. I was a bit peeved writing the OP because I used the Mind a lot when I was newer to enhance little things about my rp and used the new one for the first time before making this thread and it just seems like the new system is either semi broken because, at least in the drug example I used, it links to pages that no longer exist(?) that used to exist and it says "more information can be found here" or just missing a few converted pages. It does flow a lot better than the old one, though. But it's missing some good information that appears to have just been totally removed.
Detailed information on the drugs isn't best in a wiki/lore page. Drugs change as we tweak the systems over time and the information becomes stale. The best way to get info on drugs is ICly. So it's intentional that we don't have a lot of info on the lore pages about them.
Is there even a lore system to begin with? Help lore points to links that 404 and @lore is an unknown command in the client. how do you access it?
Lore is populated and the @lore command is restricted to specific players.
Thanks for flagging the help file was wrong. I updated it!
Yeah. Much more accessible now!

Some great stuff in here too. These pages really help bring some of the more obscure and off-radar places in the world/timeline to life. At the very least it adds flavor that players can run with. Places like Mara often don't get a lot of attention, but little details like the transient population being massively larger than its relatively small, stable population means there's a lot of flavor, culture, and limitless personalities that pass through there. Can really aid RP and it really helps give the world some crunch. I'll just keep digging in it.