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Moving Forward: Minimum Character Age
Staff votes

Hey Everyone -

I'm writing to let folx know that Staff have voted to raise our minimum player character age to 16. This means all characters moving forward will need to enter game at least 16 years of age.

If you have any questions please feel free to respond here.

-- Slither

Further clarity -- Certain IC orgs had age limits. Those will be updated and that will be addressed ICly. Any characters currently under this age will be spoken with by a GM about this.
I'm in favour of this- but how does this interact with groups in-game which may have specific age-ranges?
Additional Clarity -

This does NOT apply to NPCs.

Goddamn it I got sniped. Well done Slither.
@Wonderland, please see my post above yours. Probably posted at the same time.
Wonderful news!
Agreed. Glad for this.
Oh, good. I can't be the only one who feels weird about killing kids. Or getting killed by kids.
Thank you immensely for changing this policy.

Child player characters are power-gamey simply by existing, and this effectively puts an end to that entirely.

@TalonCzar I'm pretty sure there are still ICly kids in the Mix who are killers/dangerous, considering lore. Even if they're not playable.
The problem with child fighters is that while people ICly shouldn't have much moral qualms about killing them, players OOCly don't want to, and that lead to child PCs having an unearned degree of security.