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Metro Chat on the Grid is broken
New posts not visible?


I started playing recently and am interested in the Grid, but when I try to post a new topic in Metro Chat, it doesn't show up? I also can't see any new ones either.

Is this an IC thing or is the system just broken?

I'm confused. So it is broken but it's also ICly broken?
Yeah, it's an IC thing and also an OOC thing. Nobody really writes in whatever the fuck Grid 2's written in anymore, so we're waiting for Grid 3, instead.

Basically, nobody really knows how to fix the issue on Grid 2.

Is this what the warnings about code support were talking about in decker skills?
Not that specifically, but it's related.
So is there any hope of it getting fixed at all ever?
No it's not going to be fixed.

It'll be replaced when Grid 3.0 is implemented in place of what currently exists.

Basically none of the bugs related to the current Grid will be fixed.

Is there a date for when Grid 3.0 is going to come out?

It will probably be discussed at the Town Hall on Saturday, August 8th, 2020 @ 3PM DST.

Not broken anymore! Grid 3.0 4 lyfe