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How to Spoof Properly.

First let's start with help spoof -

Spoofing is used to put your name in the middle of a sentence, and not at the beginning like an emote. It is for including environmental action or information in the scene, not for messages which are core role-playing of your own character's actions.

Note well: Your character cannot "speak" in a spoof. Doublequote characters will be stripped out of the spoof's content. Use the emote, pose, say, or to commands for speech.




!As dust blows outside, Player walks into the Drome with a swagger in his step.


Let's point out what I thought was obvious. The very direction above tells you that you should limit help spoof to environmental action such as the example given. Dust is blowing outside, they're probably in the badlands.

A player walking into the Drome might have trash blow in with him on a windy day. Hell you might even spoof light pouring in as you walk into a room with a doorway if it's sunny outside.

You're always at the mercy of the environment to define how you spoof.


Spoofing in tangible objects, humans, animals, that would imply that people witnessing them might be able to include them in their RP.

Let's say you're in an alley way, nothing in the description describes any ambient population, no dogs, no urchins, nothing. What we're telling you there is that your realm of using spoof is literally the weather and other environment aspects such as your character crossing a light source and obstructing it in a way that would be cool to point out for flavor.

Let's say you're in an open street, and ambient messaging has a dog eating a Mixer's face... You can comment on that, but you cannot interact with it, you cannot change the behavior of the dog beyond what the game is telling you the dog is doing, this is the game world using it's authority to define your visible experience. Now, there may be trash, weather, lighting, ambient population about people bumping into other people, and you can utilize all those aspects of the ambient world to pose or spoof in some flavor, but you can -never- position yourself to be SIGNIFICANTLY affected by that ambiance to the point you are signalling to other players that they can somehow start interacting with invisible forces.

What that type of behavior causes is a whole lot of people playing with the make believe and it the past it has lead to very hilarious and inappropriate scenes of power gaming, such as a player trying to spoof or pose throwing someone significantly stronger than them down a staircase, or someone implying they should run away scared because a random dog comes out of a dumpster, growls at them, positions for an attack.

You just cannot use the game world to your advantage, or to impart a direct effect onto your fellow community members. It -has- to be insignificant, it has to be something that can't be interacted with beyond your spoof.

Now, that being said. Some players are given authority or domain over the stage or location they're in to spoof flavor text in. KMB is a place we've told managers in the past pretty consistently that they can spoof in patrons dancing, having brief interactions and disappearing into the crowd, but never has that been freely given to create persistent or dedicated props.

The reason being is that those things don't exist, a spoof is done and over with as soon as you hit enter, and the people, the blow job a stripper is giving a ambient crowd member is done and gone from the player's consideration for further interaction as soon as you post it. It's flavor, it's not a meant to be a meaningful and interact-able part of Sindome.


Managers can spoof in mentions of patrons and music that doesn't tread on the territory of coded objects such as guitars. KMB has hologram equipment that's unseen and usable for performances.

Strip club managers can totally spoof in activity that is appropriate for strip clubs, but only for ambient strippers and ambient patrons. An ambient stripper should NOT be giving Player John Doe a blow job in the corner, no... Just no. Who is his girlfriend supposed to barge in and murder?

That kind of thinking leads to spoof wars, and that's just dangerous territory to go down, so it's just forbidden.

At this point, I really feel like it's clear what you can and cannot do with spoofs, if you have questions, PLEASE post them after reading all of this THOROUGHLY.

!As Cerberus moves to throw a punch he catches on fire after stepping on a trap in the floor. He then falls down a flight of stairs and is very badly injured. He will probably die. At least two of his legs are broken. -- Slither Fengshui

This is fine though, right?

I assume the same rules apply for emotes and poses right?

.laugh as a burly dog jumps out of the dumpster and approaches MY_ENEMY. Growling, the beast looks at MY_ENEMY with murder in it's eyes. Smirking, I .ask MY_ENEMY, "You sure you want to do that?"

This is surely just as bad despite being a pose and not a spoof. Same with emotes.

Also, I recall hearing some suggest using ambient pop in poses (within limits) to emphasize theme or crowd conditions. Like:

.step over a passed out drunk as I .pushe my way through the crowded room to the bar.


!A well dressed suit gives MY_NAME a sneer of disgust as he passes by.

Are these kind of poses/emotes/spoofs alright?

Slither is a punk.

Grey0, your first example is exactly what people shouldn't do. The second two are perfectly fine. You're including what makes sense for the ambient disposition of the space you're in, and it's over with as soon as you hit enter. Nothing wrong with that.

You mentioned managers spoofing locations. Does this apply to bar staff spoofing ambient pop ordering drinks before disappearing into the masses, or should that be avoided too?
I'm fine with this, as long as there is no expectation that your tips will go up ;)
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