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Do you know Node.js?
Node Coders Wanted.

We run a number of node apps:

- main website

- webclient


- grid-db.js (grid 3.0 db api)

- grid-app.js (grid 3.0)

- sddb.js (metadata db api - notes, events)

- moo-object-lookup.js (an object lookup proxy for clientside note creation in development)

- moo-message-proxy.js (message queue proxy for Slack by-directional comms)

- more stuff I am forgetting atm

Most of these need to be upgraded to ES6/ES2015 and a more modern version of Node.js and Express. :)

Point is, we do a LOT of Node. There's lots of fun to help with. If you know Node, you've been playing for a while, send us a coder application on the Join the Team form and let us know you know Node.

Yes, you will get to work on Grid 3.0.

I know node pretty well and I would be happ-- oh wait, right. We want other people...
I know a far share of Node.JS. Use anything like Socket.IO?

The webclient uses socketio.