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Writing Photos to Disk
Saves us 27 megs

Hey Everyone -

I have finished converting all photo colors to the new system. And have dumped them to disk. They are now lazy loaded when needed and not stored in memory as they were up until now.

This allows us to keep our database size low-- as we have an ever growing number of photos. Currently there are 6250 unique photos! That's not counting ones that are printed out multiple times.

Before the photos were written to disk we were a FAT 142 megabytes.

After writing photos to disk we are a slim 115 megabytes.

That is a trimming of 27 megabytes. Probably the biggest slimming down we've had ever. Go us.

Since the MOO is loaded into memory, it means we actually use less RAM in memory now. This is excellent. I ran our autopruner and it knocked another 2 megs or so off, so we're down to just above 114 megs. SO SKINNY.


There is a risk that there are some issues with this code so please xhelp if you encounter any.


1. Colors in photos will be different now than they were before. That's because we have different colors now.

2. If a photo is backed up to disk, it will take a LITTLE bit of time to load.

-- S

This is excellent news.

Given the budget surplus the that corporation is running, how about upgrading the disk tier to solid state drives, if it is not already running them? Doing that will reduce the load time for anything that the game needs to fetch from disk.