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Vehicle Combat
What you can expect

The first version of vehicle combat is coming as soon as today or tomorrow.

This version of vehicle combat is just the first version, and it's fairly basic covering only the basics. Advanced maneuvers, ramming, and so on will be coming later. What will the world look like after vehicle combat?

Probably very similar to what it did yesterday. In world, vehicle weapons have always existed. They've existed around the world, extremely common. Most characters born on Earth have likely seen an armed vehicle outside of dense city centers.

Withmore is different, having a strict gun ban and the means to enforce it, means most Withmorian citizens haven't had to worry about being mowed down by a vehicle with autocannons.

This isn't changing. What is changing is that vehicles will have the coded capability to support vehicle weapons.

At this time we're not putting an OOC restrictions on what you can or cannot do with vehicle weapons, but we ask that players be responsible and not abuse the system or we will put restrictions in place. It will be up to you to find out in game what this means for your character, or their criminal activities.

When the announcement is made, DO NOT and I mean DO NOT rush to go out to find how to get these. I know it's tempting. I know you want to. We will throw out hooks for you to follow in character, but as far as your characters are aware, nothing has changed.

We're looking forward to how players interact with these new systems, the new business opportunities that will open up, and more. This is the first step of many.