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Topside Retail Store values

After 20 long years of running their grand opening sale Cordoba Mallplex now has appropriate value_modifiers in all their stores, not just a couple.

All current stock is still regularly priced at "1.0" all future stock will be priced at "1.2" to reflect the economic conditions and relative quality of life on Green Sector.

Falling in line with Green Sector, Gold retail stores have decided to unite their efforts and raise prices at some locations from 1.0 to 1.1 as they should have been for the longest of times.

Same situation, once current stock is replaced, new stock will be put on shelves by couriers at the correct price.

This should make using PC fixers more attractive to fulfil material needs than simply buying something off the shelf.

As an avid fan of the player economy, loving this change.
But Josephine's has a bargain bin. It would make sense that items in that bin would be at least somewhat cheaper.
Yeah, I suppose that'd make sense.
I have removed bargain from the description and it now reads there are some bins near the door.