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Standardized Location Based Pricing
Based on level, or general location

Hey All -

For a while we've had a set of standard price modifiers for places like Red, Gold, Green, Blue, Space, Badlands, etc. But they were not being applied across the board because it was a manual setting on each shop or purchase terminal.

We've standardized and centralized this so that all stores, and all purchase kiosks now have a set of sane defaults based on the level / location. They can still be overridden, but this way when we set a new place up, it will automatically have the default modifier for the sector it's set up in.

So, for instance, things on Blue were not really set up properly, and many stores had the same modifier as Red. That was silly. As such, pricing has changed on items across a number of locations. Some went down, most went up a bit. Blue is this biggest change, it went up a lot, as Blue is expensive.

If you see anything for sale at a price that doesn't make sense in your opinion (way to high, way to low) please let us know via xhelp.


-- S