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SIC Encryption Updates
Lower costs, and higher costs

So, SIC encryptions have grown in usage for a long time. And some of you have realized that for the low cost of 2000c you can create an encryption between you and your bestie that you can both use forever, and never have to incur private SIC costs.

While that is clever and within your rights as a player, it also doesn't make a ton of sense from an IC standpoint, that NLM would allow that.

Thus, we have ICly changed the way SIC encryptions are billed.

The cost of generating a new key has been reduced-- but each person you give an encryption key to will have to pay to add that key to their chip. And the cost is variable. The more keys you have, the higher the cost. This makes using encryptions versus private SIC an actual decision you need to make. It also increases the likelihood that you will have to go into the HOJ to pay your SIC bill! Or to find another way to pay your bill off.

Those of you with encryptions in place, will not be effected by this change until you go to add a new encryption at which point you will be prompted to agree to pay the add a key fee.


-- S

Also, this is an IC change. It has been announced ICly on the Grid. Your character is welcome to react to this ICly.
So..We pay for the key generation 2000c and then a variable amount on top of that which is based on the number of keys that the character already has, if I understand that right?

Also.. Is it still a one time charge, or there are recurring costs to keeping the keys, say every week or so?

If you generate the key, you get it for the cost of generating the key.

If you give it to someone else, they pay to add it, but the cost is variable in that it depends on how many keys they already have. The more keys they have, the higher the cost to add a new key.

So if you have 15 keys, and you add a 16th, you'll be paying a fair amount of chyen. If you have 0 keys and you are adding your first one, it will be inexpensive.

We have also reduced the cost of generating new keys to 1000c.

All these numbers may change over time as we balance.

This is great! Could you please consider a way to designate a key as primary, without re-cycling all the keys you have on your chip?
That seems like a post for the Ideas section ;)