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Progia-11 Updates
Delete Messages and Factory Reset

Hey Everyone -

Taking some cues from the ideas section of the BGBB I have made the following updates to Progia-11s.

1. Anyone can delete all the messages on a progia-11 from the messages menu.

2. It is not possible to perform a 'factory reset' which deletes all contacts and messages, and has the added bonus of resetting the sent message count. That means it's possible to you know, reset a phone back to being brand new (the number does not change) and avoid paying for text messages. To perform a factory reset you use the 'reset' command on the progia. You'll need the appropriate toolbelt, and since you're cracking the OS to do the reset, the appropriate skill.

This does not allow you to view deleted messages, and that's primarily for bloat reasons. Keeping messages around forever costs us in terms of bloat.

Thanks to ReeferMadness for the idea about factory resets!

Long live deckers!

-- S

It is --NOW-- possible. Sorry for the typo.. xslither.
Even a small feature such as this is fucking awesome for decker characters. Works flawlessly. As a side-note, shit like this, hacking that's not related to the Grid and is all done in the game client adds much to the experience of playing a jockey archetype. Thank you, Slither!
Here's some feedback after I've put some thought into the utility of this update. No corpie is going to trust their expensive cell to some Mix jockey just to have their message count reset, they can afford that shit without jumping through the hoops of reaching out to a less reputable decker, and I don't think texting is widely used enough for it to have much practical application. And although all jockeys suffer from lack of usefulness, topside jockeys have salaried positions and get involved more in a way that Mix jockeys don't.

Now if the number changed, on everything from the cheapest line of cells to the priciest? That'd give -all- jockeys more to do, as it's cheaper than getting a new burner, and reduces the amount of hoarded burner phones people keep (yay for less bloat).

Idea: Prog-11's are basically smartphones. Shouldn't they have grid access? Or, maybe make the Prog-13, which has it?