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Ingress Messaging Updates
A bit more flavor and information

Hey Everyone -

I updated the messaging for when you enter the dome via the city gates. The part where you are standing in line now has a bit more flavor text and a bit more introductory information. Nothing crazy, but a few subtle hints like not to mess with gangers, and the fact that characters arrive naked and should buy clothes... along with a very high level overview of how the city is structured.

Hopefully this makes for a bit cleaner on-boarding experience for new players.

I welcome feedback on what we could include in those messages that would help new players.

-- S

Mebbe add something about WCS Immigration being a point of contact to assist immies with adjusting to their new life upon arrival.
I'm reluctant to do that because we don't always have WCS greeters, and they aren't always online. I am worried we would be pointing some folks to a resource they couldn't access.

What are others thoughts on this?

Maybe where they can find the nearest StreetTerm, (outside Carnal's), and that there's maps available on the Grid?
Really good idea, maybe have the guard say something about history papers, and something about finding some work at SHI or ACME.
A definite nod towards filling in a history would be nice. I bet a lot of newbies overlook that one for a while
Maybe a brief blurb on history that described the the geopolitical climate of the person's background nationality so they have a faint idea of what they leave/running away from.
If we do nudge newbies towards filling out their history, see if we can find a way that does not reinforce this idea that they can't do anything without it. There have been characters that went on to kick some serious ass without ever filling out a history. As much as I like for new players to do a history in order to engage with the theme and learn a bit about the game world, they need to know that they aren't crippled until it is done.