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Grid 3.0 Development
Check here for updated progress reports.

Hey Folks!

Just giving you a little update on where things stand with Grid 3.0 development.

What's Working:

- grid login (including validating with the game that your character is using a terminal)

- logout

- top navigation bar (unstyled)

- advertising

- basic grid nodes

- searching for nodes by name

- all existing grid formatting (some bugs with lists of stuff) including:

- tables

- code blocks

- linking between nodes

- extremely basic forum content display

- mailbox list viewing (Inbox, Sent, Trash)

There's a ton of work to be done yet:

- doing anything

- how it all looks (like ass right now)

- all the new shit

I am very purposefully focusing on existing grid functionality as our Minimum Viable Product (MVP), so you will get on Grid 3.0 before all the new shit starts to get worked on.

Off the top of my head, here's the list that falls under Doing Anything: edit node, hack node, restore node, delete node, new forum topic, new topic post, delete topic post, delete topic, search forum content, view user profile, edit user profile, select user avatar, view mail message, send message, delete message, view feed, post to feed

Initially, Grid 3.0 will feel very much like Grid 2.0, but its about giving us a solid foundation to build on all the cool ideas in the Official Grid 3.0 Feature Requests thread.

"I am very purposefully focusing on existing grid functionality as our Minimum Viable Product (MVP), so you will get on Grid 3.0 before all the new shit starts to get worked on."

I love this. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. It's awesome to see developers constantly adding onto their games. <3

Can you fix some of the old features that are broken for the MVP? Namely, the IMG browser?

So moist right now..
that is so fucking attractive
Functional as of 1am this morning:

- sending mail (including input validation, not including notifications)

- viewing message marks it read

- marking a message unread

- forwarding a message

- replying to a message

Browsing Metro Chat topics should be a better experience I hope!

Now working on posting to the forums ...

Functional as of 1am this morning:

- creating new topics

- replying to a topic


- permission checks

- closed topic check

- crude updating forums list and topics list after changes

Not yet:

- posting to moderated forums (allowing the right mods to post to the right forums)

- any fancy post formatting tools

- notifications of posts (moo-side or otherwise)

Since passwords need to be ICly hackable on the grid, we felt it was important to remove the possibility of you re-using IRL passwords on the new grid. Instead, we'll do the generating of passwords -- err, passphrases for you. You should be able to generate up something memorable and still secure.

Here's an example:

Other examples that amused me from my testing:

garnish honkie

diverted beholder

polecat pinchpenny

asphalt vagabondage (!)

Love the graphics on this, looking sweet.

Will passwords like that be easily hacked enough IC that no one will trust any information on the grid, including sending any grid mails?

There will be sprites on the grid. 140 little ones and 315 bigger ones. Help doc literally writes itself even.

Alt-title attributes on the sprite elements, Johnny? Accessibility came up in OOC-Chat.
We'll need to test with one of our SR users or two once things are up for players to access. There is an explanation that modern software will correctly communicate these elements, but there is other stuff we can do to make it right too. It might be best to do something more than a simple Title from how it reads.

It will be addressed for sure. :)

In answer to Meoris' question about password strength:

The system can generate 4,294,901,760 different passwords that are MUCH longer than anything currently used on the grid. I'm not worried. :)

Last night while some of you were in fever dreams from overindulging on Cadbury cream eggs and Peeps, I coded up a storm of moderation tools for the new grid forums.

Pinned Topics are now a thing.

Topics can be closed and re-opened.

I haven't tried delete yet, but it might be functional too.

Edit and Move have all the bits written except for the bit where they need to collect some info from the moderator before they can submit it (the edit to the topic's description or the new forum to move the topic to). Once that bits done, they should work though.

Installed grid wares!

Beautiful Johnny. Every time I come here I start feeling like a starving man being taunted with a delicious steak. It looks that good.
My LiteTerm is loaded with a crack ware named Loony Goon, a probe ware named Mouse and a secure ware named Cerberus. This information came from the MOO when it validated I had a quickterm too, which means you'll be able to change what wares are installed and your exact quickterm will actually matter!

Finally, a new error thats tells you when its grid interference!


OMG that last one is amazing.
Grid 3.0 testing is up again. Now with working notifications both in the quickterm window and on the moo. The button is in the same place, bottom of the Your Characters page. Accounts are still only current as if April 19, so if you made your grid account after that, you won't be able to test at this time. Thank you all. Please report issues at

Send Mail

Post a new Forum Topic

Reply to a Topic

No doubt one of the smallest things, but my OCD thought the left margin on the menu's class looked better @ around -86px:

Compared to -98.*px:

What do you think? Also made a similar modification when in the mailbox to drop the border-bottom-right-radius to zip. Just little UI things that caught my attention. I figured I'd post them in case you were interested in them.

I purposefully offset the dropdown menu some to highlight that its over top of the other elements that might be present. I am curious about the mod you mention to the mailbox page, which element's border-bottom-right-radius?

(Grid 3.0 got knocked down, but its back up again, you ain't ever gonna keep it down.)

Same element actually. I set it so it lined up with the right hand border that's present in that view. I don't know why I was so obsessive about that dropdown, man, but the reason for it being as it is makes sense now. <_<
Grid wares work!

Launch a ware on a node and strengthen or weaken the nodes defenses. Probe for intelligence on the node and to see what processes are active! When ready, disarm it and crack it to take it over!

(No actual node content editing -yet-, I'm getting all the bits around that first!)


Please let me know your feedback in the problems thread.

Very excited to report that each of the 4 kinds of wares now sport their own hacking experience specific to that kind of ware. It's been recoded from top to bottom for alot more variety (and even more variety possible down the road). Enjoy the geeky details that change from hack to hack!

Note: if the hacking experience reaches the end before your skill says your hack should be complete, the hacking experience will start over. (this is a mechanism to prevent you from cheating the hack timer). Nothing is broken, your ability is just terrible, so it might take 2 or 3 times. :)

- There is now an 'Activity' link under the 'More' dropdown menu

- The Activity screen is styled, as is the Search screen.

- The Welcome splash screen is now animated

Maps are now available under the 'More' dropdown on Grid 3.0

The Feed works if you missed the word!

Working on the tools for editing a grid node, which is working in my local environment, but not yet available for you to play with. Thought I'd give you some shots of progress.

Absolutely beautiful work, really makes me glad I joined!
This looks amazing, and I like the fact that it takes into account whether you have sic or not, that never made much sense in my mind, I can't sic someone, but I can use a quickterm.

Any idea when this thing will be in the game?

Dust has been blown off tools put down and I've completed the work to establish our new grid server within our Amazon cluster. The test instance of Grid 3.0 is available from the Your Characters page via the Grid 3.0 Test Now! button. Please note this is using the dataset from our previous test instance of Grid 3.0, so if you have never logged into Grid 3.0, you don't have an account yet there.

There's still work to be done, but I'm back on the case!

Awesome, thanks Johnny.
Yesyesyesyesyes! All aboard the Grid hype train. Choo choo, Jman!
It's so shinyyyyyyy.~
So great to see this!
Was there ever any thought given to stealing the Shadowrun Seattle matrix code? Is / was that ever available at any point?

They had a fully functioning matrix in the late 1990s. Now granted that was MUSH and not MOO. And it was Shadowrun and not Sindome.

But the structure was there. Accessed via a cyberdeck. Interconnected nodes. ICE. System Tests. Paydata.

It was a pretty cool self contained game within the game. It did not have any of the features that players here are looking for, like integration with; the bank, apartments, cameras, etc.

Really exciting to see the new features Grid 3.0 will introduce; it'll go a long way towards providing mechanical support for the decker archetype - and even for the rest of us, making nodes more useful as a source of information.

It would be really cool to get an updated set of data for the Grid 3.0 test so more recently-active characters can participate in it. The last snapshot looks like it was taken April of 2019, so many of us can't use it until a new snapshot is taken.

Grid 3.0 is updated with Grid 2.0 data as of Sunday. Grid 3.0 is still in test mode, so consider Grid 2.0 the truth for the time being.

We are close. Join the G3-Feedback channel with @xlisten G3 and then talk on it with xg3 [whatever].

Find the TEST NOW button at the bottom of the right hand side bar (or the very bottom of the mobile version) on the My Characters page.

Grid 3.0 looks fantastic! The change to search is very interesting and should encourage more secret, hidden paydata. It'll come with some tradeoffs in that it's harder to find relevant nodes now, but I'm excited to see how it plays out. Testing notes below:


- Forum formatting doesn't show up. Tags that don't work include , , , etc. (It's possible they'll be different on the new forums and only impact ported posts from 2.0)

- Forums do not seem to be searchable.


- When clicking "back" after a failed probe or crack, it reattempts instead of taking you back to the node itself. Should either be separate "reattempt" and "back" links, or just take you back to the node.

- Grid address sometimes shows up as /public/undefined, e.g. while taking wares actions.

- Another tester noticed that using Hammer on a node appears to raise its security (based on your skill at securing things). It looks like raising security was meant to be a separate function, Guardian?


- In Public Profile, clicking the masc symbol produces the AVATARS.female portrait collection and vice-versa.

- Avatars don't seem to save.

Node Data

- Some ported pages seem to have had their links broken. No public specifics (xhelp me if you need them), but it looks like some node names didn't resolve to links in the new Grid.


- When receiving mail, the popup says "*info icon* sent you a mail with the subject 'Test'". It looks like it was meant to say the name or gridmail address of the sender.

- It doesn't look like you can delete mail (or move it to the trash); the delete button is disabled.

Another issue with decking.

On the image insert screen, the preview window is too wide, making it display below the list and essentially breaking it. To fix this, the preview window should be exactly 398px wide.

Sorry to screw up the formatting above.

Correction: tags that don't work include b, i, color, and size.

- Creating a new account doesn't create a blank template node with SIC anymore. Not sure if this is intentional.

- Creating a new node or editing a node doesn't seem to update Activity.

Editing nodes does update activity. For me, at least. It just only logs it once per node, so if you edited the JoeBaka node seven times, it'll only list the most recent edit.
- Email links created by 2.0 nodes appear to point to "[email protected]", causing them to be broken: they only take you to the inbox rather than composing a new email. Correct email links (including new ones) point to "[email protected]" and work properly.
Noticed a teeny tiny issue...

Under the Profile area, when picking an avatar, the male icon gives female pics, and vice versa. :x