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EMP Grenades
They were already in game. but now they're better!

EMP Grenades have been in game for a while now, but were pretty useless, only taking out the SIC signal.

Now they effect a large variety of electronics, including security cameras, televisions, vehicles, weapons detectors, thermographic sensors, motion sensors, progias, radios (normal and WJF), thermographic goggles (normal and WJF), and a few other peices.  I'm getting to the rest of the electronics but those are the most used so I started there.

What does this mean for you?  Well, for Mixers.. let me pose a scenario.  You want to sneak into the Hall of Justice with a gun, so you toss an emp grenade in first and walk in, the cameras inside can't see you cause they are knocked out, and the weapons detector can't sense your weapon because it's knocked out.  None of the guards can call for help because the SIC is knocked out and the judges are in disarray because the SIC is down.  The TAC-COMPs won't work so they can't scan you, there phones don't work so they can't call for backup on 911,  and they can't see you with there thermographic googles because those are knocked out as well.

As for Judges and what it means for you:  You've just pinpointed that a wanted criminal is on GOLD by tracking their SIC, and you figure they are updating their clone, so you head over to Sense/Net and see that their car is parked there.  You call for backup and then drop an EMP before slipping into the shadows.  When the criminal walks out they try to unlock their car but to no avail!  Because vehicles use power locks and those are disabled!  If they didn't lock their car, then they don't know anything is up yet, and they hop in, and try to lock the doors from the inside.. but guess what?  EMP means no power inside the vehicle either! They try to start the car and NOTHING happens!  You climb into the vehicle and point your EMP Sheilded WJF Enforcer II at the perp with a smile!  And even if they left their car unlocked with the engine running (this is a stretch but it could happen) when they hit the gas NOTHING happens because the car is sitting in the midst of an EMP frenzy!  The engine can't run because it's partially electrical!  They can't call for help because the SIC is out, and their phones don't work.. they can't even try to bribe you because their credchip is down because the SIC is out!  So you keep your gun pointed at them and wait for the backup to roll in.

Those are just two of many scenarios where this newly updated technology can be your best friend or your worst nightmare.  Have fun.

P.S. Vehicles already in motion will not stall out if they are driving THROUGH a room with an EMP in it.  But if they stop in the room, they will then stall.

P.P.S Ingrams (Mechs) are not effected by EMP.

(Edited by Slither at 12:32 am on Dec. 5, 2007)

(Edited by Slither at 12:34 am on Dec. 5, 2007)

That's the shit I'm talkin about.
Fuckin sweet.
Slither, I love you...almost as much as Iga. :mirrorshades:
Question: Would an EMP grenade effect someones cube/apartment lock?
Uh oh.
Heh, technically they probably would...less mixers afforded the highest in emp defense.

But then again I could lob frags at a 'fragile' wooden door and get nuthin.

This leads to the 'nabbing sleepers' conversations we've had many times before :(

Not if they stay locked/unlocked.
I suppose an EMP would realistically break the locking mechanism either locking the person behind the door or opening it, I'm not sure which it would be.. Maybe for a regular door it would make it easier to break open but for one of the sliding ones with eye readers (brain fart) it would seal the door shut.
Hmm...I concur with this logic.
logic will not play into this. Why? Becuase I'm sure nobody here has used an EMP grenade and knows exactly how it works.
Also you can get shot in the face 3 times and kill someone then run home and self cure in 24-48 hours.
Well that's why some of use RP injuries for longer then the healthy system goes for.
I think that apartment doors would be sheilded.. as for Cubes.. I'll have to take it into consideration.
LOL @ the new cyberware trend if they aren't shielded.
All grenades can now be rigged across exits and entrances. This uses the 'explosives' skill.

I caution you against casual usage, cause if you screw up the rigging, it can have very explosive results for you. Same deal for defusing.

Does this effect streets as well as doorways? What if one is place along a very busy street, etc...or if a car sets on off.
There are a number of things you can't rig one across. The outside of apartment and cube doors, garage doors, and street<->street exits namely.
SoOo...can I make cat's cradles? Like attach a bunch of strings around or to a person...linked to a live grenade?

That'd be a slick effect.

On a sidenote, besides the cat's cradle of trapping someone in a room with a live grenade...a way to booby trap dead bodies or items with grenades would be awesome.
I second this. How cool would it be for someone to go up to a corpse to loot it and BAM! Gets blown away.
So what happens when you throw an EMP into a room where someone is IC cybering another character while implanted with a Studdly DoRight?
Well, if she has neural implants you could always just take credit for "mind blowing" sex...
Probably would result in a new breed of lethal STD.