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Corporate SIC Encryptions
Moving toward an easier interface...

Corporations love their encryptions. The problem is that currently it's either player managed or managed by an NPC and when the NLM key changes because someone was fired, we have to manually add the new encryption to all the NPCs.

We had previously solved this problem for auto cycling keys with the WJF. It's been in place for decades. However, I've genercized the code that was doing that, and added it to all NPCs.

Corporations can now have one or more SIC interfaces which will auto generate new keys, and clipboards to post the keys on can be attached to these interfaces. The new keys will automatically be available to NPCs with specific employment keys.

No more NPCs being behind on their encryptions.

Keys are cycled automatically every month. Keys can be cycled manually by those with access to the interface. Players will still have to manually add the key, but the key will be presented ICly on a clipboard at the workplace, and will always be up to date with what the current key is.


This also paves the way for us to make adding a corporate encryption free, if you work at the specific corp you're adding the current encryption for. Thus allowing us to not have to do reimbursement requests for every single employee who added the key. This isn't in place yet, but will be soon.

-- S

FYI: This isn't in place at all corps, and will be rolled out over time. Look for it ICly.
Does this mean crummy, low-level corps, (FSMC, CHEX, and stuff) might not cycle their key, because it'd cost them too much? Very cool stuff either way!
It means those corps would not even have this option.