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Contribute to The Mind
A wiki about the Sindome Universe

So, we've start a wiki to document the IC topics (people, places, things, events) of the sindome universe.

If you'd like to contribute, post on this thread and we'll make you an account and share the site URL with you.

Once we've got enough topics in the wiki, we'll share it with everyone.

Come check out The Mind
I like wanna contribute and stuff. MIX LIFE!
I still have a week before I slip out the door to Afghanistan and I am finding mysel with some time. I can spit some good knowledge on that site.
Yeah I have a lot of time anymore, I'm sure I can find something to write about.
Ok, your logins are made. Identical to your BgBB logins.

Please read the very important help link, which covers what kind of things to write about, the tone to use and the technicals of how to write a wiki article for use by the MOO.

If you have any questions, just ask! And thanks for helping!

I guess I should stop writing about my Mr. Studd in first person then. Whoops.
Count me in.
If nothing else, I can edit good :P
Ok, Chienne, your login is made. Identical to your BgBB login.

Please read the very important help link, which covers what kind of things to write about, the tone to use and the technicals of how to write a wiki article for use by the MOO.

If you have any questions, just ask! And thanks for helping!

Oo Oo me me me me me
You're all set up Lillith, same login as the BgBB.
I'd like to help out. Well. I may not know as much but a little help doesn't hurt.
*raises a hand*
I want to contribute too..
Count me in.
I'd like to help
With the loss of the grid, has anyone considered tying "The Mind" into the grid system. It'd be replacing one wiki with another. I know it'd require a good bit of messing with shit, however, I think this could be a very good opportunity to tie in alot of shit with the grid.
Honestly, in my mind, the Wiki and the information on it, can be used ICly.  It's available ICly, through the holograms.  Perhaps we should give it a nice CP design and treat it as part of the IC grid?  Add a link to it from the quickterm or something?
A quick and dirty reskin of the wiki would do the grid temporary justice...but I think it's time we really overhauled the system.

"The Mind" in its form now is for all intensive purposes a Corporate sponsored encyclopedia. Which is awesome. However, this is limited sphere of influence and use. The grid needs to be broken down into tiers.

GridMail and Forum (Highly secure, untouchable realm of everyone)
"The Mind" Incorporated Encyclopedia (For the sake of keeping shit sacred, uneditably IC besides by SysAdmins)
The Grid (Your node system of loosely affiliates blotches of nonsense across the dome)

Logs and Subsystems - Accessible and occasionally hackable interfaces ranging from but not limited to...  

Gridphone call history, text logs, and conversations logs.
SIC history, logs.
Bank history
WJF Record
Employment History

However, to do this alot of this cannot be limited to just the wiki. I think now is as good a chance as any to do something great with the largely ignored decker job sphere.

I think we need to plug as much information into the grid as possible and leave it to a player skills to access much of it. Outside of skill, the concept of private ownership of "holograms" that do "decker" work for them seems like a cool idea.

I.E. You can buy the Joe Hologram Avatar for your HoloBook Pro that gives him a rating of competent in Systems, Programming, and one of amateur in cracking in terms of accessing data. However, you don't have the luxury of the web interface when querying for information. You just get the in-game talking.

Anyway, I'm all over the place. I'm really passionate about the grid obviously. But all this counts on being able to integrate the wiki with phpboard and god knows what else along with it. What's possible with the limited amount of time one can devote to the game remains to be seen...but I'd love to hear some admin feedback on some of these ideas.

Damn, I'm gonna have to move this over to the Ideas board soon.

Slither just set me up with login details, so I'm going to start going through and editing some of the info that's already been posted and adding some new stuff. It's been pointed out that many of the pages need to be set up with the proper headers so they can be found properly in game.

As a player, I used Immy awhile ago to do some basic searches and came up with no information. What is some major stuff that you guys would like added to The Mind or have found on there that needs to be edited sooner than later?

We need more V.I.P.'s and I'm not talking about mixers. It's vastly overlooked as to who and how Withmore city is run. I mean, does anyone even know who the Chief Justice is? I had to search through grid posts from when SD was first established just to find out a name.

I do like that an armor guide was setup though. Maybe something similiar should be done for weapons?

Also, some information surrounding many of the timeline events could be added.

Wow...that should keep you busy. :)

Definitely. I'll be working on the weapons and other random gear after I finish up with the armour section.

I'm with you on the other information involving corporations and the WJF and who runs what. There's a lot of stuff the admin even have to go research and track down. Getting that information in one spot that's accessible to everyone rather than sifting through tons of old notes should make everyone's lives better.

How about histories and pages for the former characters of SD?
Well. Some GM is going to have to take care of the Armor page to account for all this clothing/armor & stats goodness. I don't really understand enough to put the new info up in a useful manner. Also I forgot to put grenades on the weapons page, really don't know much about what they're good for.

If anyone wants to gridmail me their histories or what they think the city Know-It-All terminal should say about their character...or bygone ones...I'll gladly get started on that part of the Wiki.. Will break stuff down by 'WJF record/official data' and word-on-the-street, rumors, reputation stuff. This will probably help add to the 'current events' and timeline pages.

This will probably take a long time though, especially for oldbie characters.

Forgot to mention it but...if you've been around for any significant length of time, you know things that belong on this Wiki. Take your tricks/tips/knowledge and document it for IC reference. Please....even if it's not perfect, fill in the gaps where you can. The system should self-correct as other people check your posts over for accuracy, and GMs get their chop.
Is it possible to arrange access for myself? I'd like to contribute if I can.

Thanks guys

Contact us in game over xhelp and we'll see what we can do.
Everyone editing the mind should read the help section of the Mind first.  This gives info on what kind of information should be on the Mind and how the information should be written (from a corpie perspective).

That means, and I'm sorry to say, that if you are not well known in the city, you probably should not be on the mind.  The only 'mixers' that should be on the Wiki are those that come to corporate attention.  IE: Important TERRA Agents, leaders of gangs, factions, business owners, doctors.. stuff like that.. oh, and known criminals.

If you're just a low level ganger with no rep, theres no reason you should be in the Wiki.  

It's a safe bet that characters who have stories told about them IE: Lucifer, Nicadeamus Frasier.. people that are basically part of the lore of Withmore, should have pages.

Got my first entry here.



Oldbie PCs...if you are bored Idling, contribute to The Mind.
Find something you can tell the full background of, start a character page for some long-deceased famous person, or start the long and mind-numbing task of finding everything out that there is to know.
For instance: how many types of ammo clips are there? how many rounds are in each clip? How far can you zoom with binocs and what affects it?
Some of these details might get edited in later stages of the page...but think of it this way: if there has been a question about how stuff works IC, it will get asked again, and the wiki Mind allows the answer to get passed IC via the KnowItAll.

Also, if you wanted to build a puzzle for someone (plot) and they will have to look up a certain piece of information, write the wiki page for the info, and then go check that it comes up when you ask about it at TheKNowItAll! Now you know exactly what clues will be dropped to a savvy player.

Do I count as an oldbie? No? Seriously? Damnit.

Well, I figure I might as well see if I can get something, -anything- added to the wiki. Just need to figure out how the heck I'm going to be able to log in to do that...

Quote: from Lena on 8:42 pm on Aug. 22, 2010[br]
For instance: how many types of ammo clips are there?

Now, there's something that's always bothered me about SD.

Of course, it doesn't really matter. Any way the wind blows.

But yea. I have noticed there's a lot missing from the wiki and it's time to put my (somewhat sporadic) eidetic memory to use to restore some forgotten knowledge. Guess I'll xhelp about it.

How long has the wiki been down?
Too long. FS has poked and prodded those responsible for it numerous times but they're not very responsive. I think he's working on an alternative since we can't seem to get The Mind back up, but that still leaves the in-game info-holos broken.
The Mind is back up and I've been doing some tending to it.

We now have categories that will be grouping shit up.

Here are some examples:
Gold Sector
Red SectorJohnny

Pick me! Pick me!
Been doin some editing recently. Fun stuff, actually. I'd like to see a lot more on there though. I think we have an excellent resource here, and a means to carry on legacies of old characters and stuff. Without revealing personal IC stuff of course. Get involved, make your mark. The Mind is growing....
Still open for contributions?
It's been busted for a while for players access, sadly.