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Brawling with a Gun in your hand
And other such non-sense

The bug where you would be holding a gun or other weapon yet still using brawling/martial arts should now be resolved.

Please be hyper aware of any bugs relating to your current weapon and it's use in combat, and report them with the @bug command.


Please note that the various characters of the game were suffering from the same problem.


Yeah, my last character ran into a fight with his gun drawn and ended up swingin at the guy. Glad it's fixed.
*Looks back fondly at times that has happened*

wield katana

*socks a Judge in the jaw with his fist*


I fixed another bug that was affecting NPCs... keeping certian ones from wielding their weapon.

All I'm going to say is watch your ass when challenging people with weapons.


nah.. dont listen to 'em.  I saw kevlar take two shots in the chest from a ... big gun... and he came out in excellent condition. the npc of course died.   weird.


Yes... but you see.... the admin are gods to us lowly PC's..... I mean for real.... I'd like to see someone take on Johnny....
*raises his hand* OOh Oooh!! ME MEE!!!
I gotta admit, last I knew Johnny couldn't shoot for shit though......
I once had a fight with another admin for half an hour straight, and nobody even got hurt...we even used .357 magnums.

But reallly, it is the words that hurt the most...


Like...little darts of glass in my heart...


*wanders off and weeps silently in a corner*

*confused... severely*


That mighta been me...

Though I remember once when I was really bored... I used 50 v-202's... my stats were rather high. ;-)

*thinks back to the good ol days of SSG's*

wont that ki---- nevermind...
I sat there in RampageMOO shooting Jink for about 20 minutes once.   I think he was idle, and his shotgun had run out of shells.
Yeah we teamed up on his ass with like 3-4 people... I had a sledge, and don't remember hitting... well I think I did, but It didn't do anything.  


Hey kevlar I dont think this got fixed completely. I went into combat weilding my gun of choice and I got one shot off, then i dropped guarded and continued fighting in melee style hitting the guy with my gun instead of squeezing off a few caps in his ass. After a beat him sufficently I went kamikazee and then ripped another shot into the guy.  Is this part of the fix? certain postures only allow for a gun to be fired? becuase I think you should be able to fire in guarded, becuase you'll be watching your ass more and his so you could aim better... at least thats how it would happen logically.. IMHO.  just htought I'd point that out. and befre you ask, I @bugged it.
Wait, so explain how after parrying someone's blow with your gun you are going to get off a shot at the guy.  I think it makes perfect sense that in that case, you can only use your gun to beat the shit out of someone.  My biggest question is:
Why the hell are you being caustious when you have a gun and the guy you are fighting (I assume anyways) does not?

Oh no, don't cut me with your little knife, run away...oh, wait, I'll just blow the fucker's head off.

I think it is a great idea that when you have rounds in your gun you shoot them but when you run out you use it as a melle weapon and try to pistol whip them until you either kill, are killed, or you run away etc...  But other than that great idea guys keep up th good work.

I know how hard it is to code this shit.