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Aerosolized drug dispersal grenades
These are a thing now! Get your fix.


While putting something together for a plot I ended up creating a system that allows for drug effects to be attached to a grenade and dispersed in aerosolized form. The grenade does no damage, it simply releases an aerosolized compound into the air that affects you if you aren't protected from it.

These are not items you can make, and they wont be available in stores. Purchasing or getting a hold of them will be more of a 'plot' activity.

The system technically supports any drug being used, though some obviously make more sense than others. I don't know if we'll see a marcy grenade, but who knows.

The way it works is if the grenade explodes in the room you are in, and you are not protected from airborne toxins/diseases completely, you will receive the effects of the drug in exactly the same way as if you took the drug. This includes addiction, overdosing, drug experiences, and all the rest.

Before you start panicking, these are going to be pretty rare and expensive. And we'll continue to build out systems around protecting yourself from this kind of thing. We already have bio hazard suits, and environmental bodysuits and helmets and gloves and boots. We also have toxin binder cyber. I don't think we need to worry about someone dropping 5 of these in a room to make people overdose.

Now you might be saying, we have drugs, why do we need drug grenades? Well, consider some new drugs that have different effects than your typical recreational drugs. A powerful hallucinogen that reduces perception and causes you to see shit and messes with your vision in a way similar to the hallucinogens we have now, but in a more detrimental way (every time you look, items in the room are in a different order). Or, something that reduces speed or endurance, so you can try to dose a group of corpsec or judges or gangers before making an attack. These would be weaponized drugs that offer negative effects to anyone who is subjected to them. Could be pretty interesting. Obviously stuff like this has to be balanced and protections available (which there are currently as I mentioned) so it will be a slow roll out of this, but it is possible, and GMs and builders will be keeping an eye out for places we can use this kind of thing to support plots.