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[Sept '21] Improvements Feedback
Feedback for things that happen in September.

Improvements feedback go here.

Flowers are now easier to grow, accepting a variety of weathers of which it is now acceptable to grow.

Additionally, there was a bug with the lifetime code of certain species of flowers, and this has been fixed. Orchids, roses, and more will now grow appropriately to their blooming stage."

sobbing tears of joy thank you

HOLY SHIZ BALLZ :D !! Thank you so much for the installation update, I didn't think to myself how much I would appreciate this being updated till you did the update. Excited !
Now you one up yourselves with Art !! WOO
It's absolutely amazing!

Makes me want to hire an artist now...

Crazy that a complex idea that was randomly thought of and discussed in OOC-chat not even a week ago is now in the game. Major, major props to Mirage.

The little I've seen of it seems amazing. I think we'll start to see some very interesting things happen over the coming weeks. This, in my opinion, is what all automated systems in the game should aspire to be like.

I am seriously impressed and totally geeked out. Saw some bits of it in practice and already I have seen ripples of RP happening. Between this and some other Corporate initiatives, I think there is a huge boon to topside play. Companies have a overarching goal which makes it feel more like an organization and less like a place to collect a paycheck with a fancy name.

This is all really impressive and so good!

Looks like the updates are still rolling in strong. Been missing the game a lot! So glad it's going well.
Looking forward to the new RP avenues provided by the paydirt mechanic. Quick question, though. Is this being implemented strictly in topside Corp towers, or is this something that certain Corp entities in the Mix, ie: CGH, SHI, PRI, SCF, etc. will be involved in as well?
It's only present for the corporations. We're rolling it out slowly and will expand it over time if it's successful.
Awesome, I just wanted to clarify so some folks weren't waiting around for this stuff in places it's not happening yet. Great work, by the way.
Is it realistic for mods to be destroyed when removing them?

The remove feature would be a lot more useful if you could remove mods you only need temporarily and set them aside for later, or break down a heavily modified gun and sell its mods separately.

It is not realistic, and we will not be adding the ability to get the modification back.
I just want to thank you all for the changes, the additions and everything you guys do.

This is my first moo and it's amazing.

That being said it's feedback after all, I love the love flowers got!

"Judges when witnessing topside aggressive crime now use a more advanced decision algorithm to decide who the likely threat is and then act accordingly."

Why do I get the feeling that "advanced decision algorithm" means "shoot everyone just to be sure"? ;)

Super glad to have generic descriptions on paydirt items. I think the context clues help make them a much richer RP experience.
"There was a bug where the number of open polls was only showing as 1 upon login even if there were more than one open. This has been fixed."

Unless four new polls were added between 3:15 AM and 3:30 AM Pacific time this morning, then this has not been fixed.

Also, the "Favorite New / Updated Feature?" poll still needs to be fixed. "Paydirt Quests" appears as a poll title, rather than a selectable option.

Wonder if the actual value (in inspect) of gear is lowered or just the ones in the store. Interested to see how lowering the prices of gear affects fixer play and whatnot.
Orb pilots beware.


Four new polls were added, yes. You didn't get notified of all four of them before upon logging in because of the bug, which showed only one open poll. So it has indeed been fixed!
Mirage you're the BEST and I can't wait to LIGHT CIGARETTE of NOIR ANTIHERO
The better alcohol name matching is great, but is there any way to be more precise about matching 'hi'? Hi is the one that I find most pernicious, since it eliminates words like 'this', 'thing', 'his', and many other common words.
I'm still only seeing one poll on login, and five when later notifications pop up.

I haven't voted yet as the "Favorite New / Updated Feature?" poll still has "Paydirt" as a title instead of an option, and I can't move to other polls without answering that one.

So much to react too!

Love the changes recently, they are really mixing things up. Disappointed that you can't light someones Molotov as that would just be too funny, but totally get why it's there.

I just saw that topside crime should become both easier and more pervasive. Yeah! Danger is good. You guys are killing it!

I'm still only seeing one poll on login, and five when later notifications pop up.

I haven't voted yet as the "Favorite New / Updated Feature?" poll still has "Paydirt" as a title instead of an option, and I can't move to other polls without answering that one.

We don't edit polls once they're up, that won't be changed. You'll have to wait for a future poll to vote for that feature.

"We don't edit polls once they're up, that won't be changed. You'll have to wait for a future poll to vote for that feature."

That could have been mentioned any other time this error had been brought up.

The question does not even offer the "skip" option that other poll questions did.

It is a bit troubling that you can't/won't fix this sort of mistake. How difficult would it be to scrap the question and the results so far, and post a new, fixed poll question?

@Blackbird71 At this point, you're being kind of inflammatory in what feels like an intentional way. Please stop.
I remember suggesting the shotgun change way back when.

Now I'm screaming and crying and shidding myself.

Mirage, make me your baby momma!

Voted in the polls but still getting the notifications that there are new ones.

[-][Game-Help] There are 5 open polls. Use '@vote' to weigh in! [0 karma]


There are no open polls for you to vote on.

The rate of development has been amazing, from big things to little things (like the cryo lighting others' cigarettes).

Thank you staff. You're doing a great job.

Hand trucks are a cool way around how heavy robot boxes are. It would be neat if they could be packed with multiple items (not just robot parts), maybe as like "a box containing cargo" while packed with multiples. This would help people do apartment moves / push large quantities of gear around cheaply, albeit without the natural protections of a car.
FYI: Game help is a global channel. Anything you see here is seen by everyone on the channel. The same way you see review cloth notifications even if you've reviewed all the cloths.
I've lost track of how many times recently something that's happened IC has been followed with a new fix or new feature added, sometimes within hours. It's hard not to see this as a golden age.

So, so many long time requested features have been added in the last year, last months, last weeks even. Rigging expansions, vehicle building, cyberware, so many more customization options. Economy tweaks to make things more accessible for everyone. So many quality-of-life changes that just make everything work intuitively.

What else can be said? So many new systems and mechanics and gameplay loops. It's like an entirely new experience at times.

Like 0x1mm, I'm amazed by everything recently. So many bugs fixed, so many quality of life features, so many promises delivered. The Sindome of 6 months ago isn't the same as the Sindome of today. My thanks go out to everyone, especially Mirage!
I don't know who rewrote what the lines say when our PCs are holding items, but I like it!
Thank you. I don't remember exactly what I changed them to, but I did that thing.
Interesting, I thought Razorz was never gonna happen due to game design philosophy reasons.
You may be thinking of mantis blades.
Right on the fence for being an October change, but regarding the changes made to Armor Quality/Inspection and Munitions skill?

I think it would be interesting if this could be expanded on in such a way that Munitions characters are able to repair armored goods. Never back to 100% and potentially with lesser efficacy each time, but it might give Munitions some added love. Assuming it's not already a thing that I'm not aware of.

I am in the progress of already programming that, just have a lot of projects on my plate. :)