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[Sep '20] Improvements Feedback


Possible unintended loophole:

I want to attack a group of people and fight in guarded. So I find some nobody nearby and attack them, shift to guarded, stop attacking then flee. I then move quickly to the group I want to fight within ten seconds. I attack them and start the fight in guarded with no need to shift from offensive to guarded over three rounds.

Possible fix (if this is indeed a problem):

If you leave the room the lock to the last posture used is removed forcing you to start new fights in the appropriate posture.

Well, we haven't heard staff say yet whether posture is getting reset when changing targets.

People have argued both ways: It should, it shouldn't.

Let's hear whether it actually is. If it is, then that's the old, original design. If it's not, that's the new design - against the original opponent anyway. We don't know whether a design decision was made regarding changing targets or if there is an unintended side effect.

Posture isn't resetting when changing targets. People were changing targets by stopping attacking, and attacking again. If you do that, within 10 seconds, you'll be in the same posture. I imagine changing targets, especially in a guarded position to be just switching your attention to someone else. What that looks like from an IC RP point of view depends on the posture you are in.
If posture shouldn't reset when changing targets, then I might be submitting a bug soon (if it is still happening) since posture has consistently reset for me when resetting targets before!
Depending on how long after the initiate engagement, an additional attacker will be counted as a new engagement when the first finishes. As a result, you end up "attacking" the aforementioned party, thereby setting your stance to offensive.

This is most often observed when you get tangled up in large fights and survive long enough that you get around to fighting the people who started butting in a minute or two after the fight actually started.

batko, this change was made a few days ago...
I feel like folx are talking about stuff the way it used to be, to be clear this is a thread on feedback for recent changes. One of those changes being to how posture works with regards to stopping/starting attacking.