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[Oct '22] Improvements & Bug Fixes
Change Log for October 2022

Please leave your feedback in this months Improvements Feedback thread.

I've spend several nights troubleshooting our flight movement to close the loop on some situations where you've been able to fly into locations you shouldn't be able to. The two specific cases I've addressed are flying into internal locations from outside 'through a wall/ground' and flying down through streets into empty airspace. These situations should no longer occur.

As part of doing this, some valid entrances to buildings where aeros are meant to be able to travel have been updated to have actual exits to facilitate entering/exiting. These have been built with a new Generic Aero Only Exit that will prompt pedestrians to confirm they want to use such an exit, as doing so will likely result in them falling.

Please report any situations where you used to be able to enter a building legitimately and no longer can or any where you shouldn't be able to enter a building but still can.


Staff: If someone can't do a movement they should be able to, @debug the aero and listen to debug-net and have the player test. Debug-net will report a reason why the movement was denied.

(Edited by Johnny at 8:32 pm on 10/4/2022)

You Scream, I Scream, We all scream because life is pain.

That is all.


We've removed fixer kiosks from the game world and refactored them into GM-centric tools. The GM staff felt the player-centric kiosks had removed a key RP-based interaction from the fixer experience and wanted to restore the previous experience. The Builders were also tired of dealing with items getting purchased that just shouldn't be purchasable (due to a variety of reasons). As there was an existing model for fixer fulfillment that worked before, it was agreed this was the best solution. Please interact with the old NPCs you previously dealt with for your fixer deals.

The terminals (behind the scenes) will continue to offer GMs the same prices you were getting from the terminals, as the GMs are inputting orders for specific players now. Everything else will continue to work the same way.

(Edited by Johnny at 10:29 am on 10/12/2022)


As part of the changes to support GMs using fixer terminals to place orders for specific players, last night I introduced a bug into a wide number of kiosks, terminals and dispensers because they all share a common set of purchase management code.

This bug has been fixed and you should be able to make purchases again from the terminals that were broken since then. Please let us know if I missed any in my fix. :)


Syndicate Fixers can now ask the NPC they would place an order with How Much something would cost to procure and get an immediate response. It will incorporate your fixer discounting.

Note: This response does not guarantee that if you place an order with the NPC, they will be able to actually get what you asked for or speak to how long it would take to fulfill. The same issues around rogue items are present with this change, but its not the end of the world to tell you pricing on items you can't actually get. The RP you have with the NPC when you deal with a puppeted NPC for the actual purchase and pickup may change the cost you pay as well.

I think I made it robust enough to let you find the things you need to find, but you'll be the ultimate judge if there are items you know you should be able to ask about, but won't work. I'm sure you'll let us know.

I hope this helps alleviate some of the problems with our removing the terminals.


NLM TV Schedule boards which auto update as things change are now available in three locations in public areas of the game. This should allow folx to know what is scheduled where and when.


Syndicate Fixers can now ask their Supplier NPC for a status on their orders using phrasing like 'how much longer', 'when will my order be ready' and 'what is the status of my order'.

For the time being, you'll still need make a puppet request to pickup your order. It is next on my list though.

Note: If you recently had your puppet interaction to place your order and asking for status tells you theres no orders for you, give the GMs a little more time to get the order in the system. :)


Syndicate Suppliers only like working with their Syndicate bros. As long as you're one of them, you'll get fair pricing. Fixers within the Syndicate will get the discount pricing you're already familiar with, non-fixers will pay the actual item price. If you're not part of the Syndicate, well, the Supplier would be happy to do business with you too, but it will cost you significantly more than if you went shopping somewhere else.


There is a new helpfile on embezzlement which details expectations on it, how it could work, and what you should do if you take this IC action.


When trying to feed someone, if they are wearing something airtight over their face, you won't be able to feed them (same as if they tried to eat it themselves).


Dogs and other critters that can be told to lie down/stay/etc will now use the characters current name (IE: a shrouded short man, Bob) instead of just their undisguised name. This prevents meta info leaking into the game.


Some roofs/landing rooms were causing grappling hooks to traceback and disappear due to the coordinate sub system being only partially implemented. I've fixed the bug to prevent them tbing and instead letting the player know OOCly that it didn't work.


Ironically, submitting an @bug and opting to not include a traceback, caused a traceback. I've resolved this issue.


Fixed a bug where a tb would occur on posing with pose echo on, in the recombination tank.


Sever was probably broken due to an incorrectly named variable name. It should be fixed now.


Fixed a bug where the PRI janitor closet door wasn't configured properly and thus would not auto close.


Fixed a bug where access panels would TB when you tried to program them because they are not supposed to be programmable.


Critter look places should update better and not get stuck in a sitting position if you boss your dog around.


So, people who clone get a 'fake' sic for some reason lost to time. This means it isn't present in your cyberware matrix and thus it doesn't show up in Neurolink Debuggers or in /system.

I've resolved this that people with these 'fake' sics still have their sic show in debuggers and in /system and in a few other places.


I've updated the 'aim' helpfile. TLDR: aiming gives you a benefit in combat for a single round (always has). And then it clears. That means that for a single combat round during combat you are STILL aiming, and can't do other things like draw a weapon.


There was an edge case where a vehicles 'tails' IE: vehicles following this vehicle, could have an invalid object in it (for example if a vehicle was tailing, and then recycled, and came back as a dezraldin). In the situation where the tail was no longer a vehicle but was in the same room as the vehicle, it would cause a traceback. I have added code to prune these out of the tail list when it occurs.


So, there were several bugs with the shotgun code as relates to ammo, in the code that was added to allow semi-auto shotguns.

1. They were coded in such a way that they would never run out of ammo in some circumstances. An oversight I have fixed.

2. They didn't have the right permissions to actually run the code that would reduce how much ammo they had..

I've fixed both these issues.

Not sure if this was cropping up in normal combat or just in sniping but it should be resolved.

(Edited by Slither at 8:49 pm on 12/1/2022)


Horizon's Edge has been setup to handle performances, it was not before. I've let the builders know how to configure this properly and added the process to our documentation for the future.


This is not a change, but a reminder. Your characters perception of how they perform and the crowd reaction MAY NOT LINE UP. This is not a bug. This is an indicator to you the player that your character thinks they are better at performances than they actually aren't as good as they think they are. RP Accordingly.

I've updated help performance to reflect this as well.


- I've confirmed that these do in fact work.

- I've increased the damage they do since they do not trigger super often

- I've updated the /system help and cyberware board help / info on these products to better describe how they work.

- These use BRAWLING

- They must be uncovered

- They do not need to be recharged.

These are not like a SONIC that incapacitates the person entirely. They just do electrical damage when you block an attack (that isn't a gunshot) with them. It's like getting in some additional damage while you are blocking, in the same way blocking a sword with unarmed martial arts or brawling causes you to take damage (though not as much).


There was some code updates a while back that broke this verb because a verb was moved that it was using. I've found the verbs new location and updated the code. Scanning should work again.


When you dump something into the incinerator your shortdesc will now recalculate in order to not show you carrying things, like a corpse.


This isn't so much an update but a clarification.

Every piece of cyberware has a builtin EMP resistance. Some wares, like nanos are very resistant. Basically the rest of the wares that are non-nano are not resistant. That means an EMP will take them out. This was a system that was built but not completed.

The incomplete piece is that there are no hardened versions of the wares that exist, and the hardened processor wasn't set to have any resistance to EMP.


- The sonic dampener is now EMP resistant, to prevent the 'emp + sonic + neck snap'.

- The hardened neural processor is now EMP resistant

However, I'm not sure that having a hardened processor, at this point, or with the system coded the way it is actually benefits you at all at this point. Mainly because the hardened processor doesn't perform a function, it is just a requirement for other ware to work. If the other ware, like say a cyber eye was hardened, then the cyber eye would still work if the processor wasn't hardened because of the way it is coded. And if the eye wasn't hardened and the processor wasn't hardened, but the thermo module was, the thermo module would still work.

This may have been intentional because it's expensive to recursively look up the tree to see that everything else is enabled / hardened. If that's the case, the reality is that only the cyberware the performs a function should have hardened versions since those are the only ones that would actually benefit from being hardened.

I'm going to raise this in the staff meeting and figure out how we want to move forward. My recommendation would be picking from the list of existing ware, making some hardened by default, and making hardened versions of others.


The balcony 'look balcony' meta window was configured. I've resolved it. Looking over the balcony works again.


The way macguffins were setup has the spawn points of each macguffin as a hardcoded list of object numbers for rooms, if that room is recycled or repurposed it breaks where macguffins spawn. I'm not updating the whole system that was created, but I've added sanity check which will alert the admin if an invalid spawn room is used so we can more easily identify and update.

VS macguffins specifically have been fixed so they won't spawn in a cyber ear.


Having an expensive item in a holster/sling/scabbard will no longer make your overall clothing appear expensive. This was a bug relating to a previous coder making it so holsters took into account the value of the items inside them (which makes sense for the market) but does not make sense for clothing scores.


Fixed another typo in this code that was causing a TB. Should hopefully work right now.


These were using newbie immunity to determine if the user was able to be registered with the tablet. This is not a good way to check if someone can be 'helped' as anyone who attacks or steals will no longer have immunity, that's probably a lot of folx. I've got this using the same code that gives someone the ability to access coffins for their first few weeks of the city now. Should increase the pool of people who can be helped via the tablet.


I've removed an edge that was setup incorrectly here, pointing somewhere it shouldn't. I've fixed the northern exit from rising bamboo -- it didn't have a twin leading back. I've added a few new edges to the clinic that were missing.


If you fail to repair a part there are situations where the part is destroyed. Due to the way this was coded there was a bug where the final message about the part being destroyed was being sent after the part was recycled. I've added a workaround so the part doesn't get recycled until after the message is sent.

(Edited by Slither at 8:50 pm on 12/1/2022)

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