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[May '21] Improvements & Bug Fixes
Stuffs definitely getting better, better all the time


Admin now have a handy @goldstar person command which will give them a picklist of things to quickly log that a player did, allowing us to have better insight into who is doing things like running great plots, helping on fixit, writing scripts, etc. We think it is important to be noting positive interactions, which sometimes get missed as they seem less critical to log than negative interactions / issues.


Non-retroactive change, but moving forward the date someone is hired into a NON PLAYER BIZ terminal, will now be captured and visible to the employee and HR. Also to admin.


The web based signup page now has a warning that we do not allow proxy/VPN connections, w/ an explanation of why.


TurboZoom is very proud to announce the general availability of their latest must have product, Critterdex Attax Trading Card Game. Available wherever Critterdexes are sold in both full size decks of cards and booster packs!* Get yours today!

* - may not be available in all stores where critterdexes can be found


There's a lot of stuff I've been working on in the back end here, but this one I can announce. Robots now take power to run. Just like walking makes you tired, robots consume electricity as they move and do actions.

Coupled with this, robots now need batteries and can run out of power. If they run out of power they will shut off. It is possible to swap batteries on the components themselves AND while the power sources are installed in robots.

I've given robots free battox powercells with this change, so no robots should drop out of the sky suddenly.

A command to see the system status of your robots will be coming soon, and other positive UX changes.


Player written rules are now included in the help on attax decks. Thanks for your contribution, Joshua!


Electro techs asking the right person can come away with a broken device that can be fixed into a temporarily working progia-3! These early model progias are no longer sold in stores, kinda suck to use, but might be collected by certain individuals. Who knows how long it will work for.


Two new cyberware have been added to the game. The Belter exoskeleton which is older and has been around for a while, and the newer Enforcer exoskeleton.

Neither of them are particularly pretty, as metal bolted to skin tends to be a bit offputting. But the downsides are a wonderful tradeoff for the abilities afforded by either exoskeleton.

Enjoy this cyberpunk staple!


Sindome's admin programmers, the $creator class and up, now have access to @prog-option +auto_vms so that instead of getting a permission denied error and needing to manually checkout a verb so they can edit it, this will automatically do it for them.

When it does this, it will then automatically check the verb back in so the verb can function under the correct permissions. This will improve the coding experience and help prevent players from encountering an error due to the programmer temporarily having ownership of the verb -- the window will go from however long it takes someone to check the verb back in manually to less than a second.


When you type 'help [topic]' and there is no help on [topic], admin are notified and when enough people have attempted to looking for [topic] that it reaches a threshold, a report starts notifying the staff periodically that [topic] is missing help. From now on, the same thing will happen when you type @slang [term] and there is no definition for that [term]. Staff will be notified that you're looking for it and once enough folks look for it too, the staff will be notified that a bunch of you have looked for it.

Staff: @show-slang has been reformatted to sort the terms alphabetically and to fit more on the screen at a time. Also, @delete-missing-slang exists to delete missing slang entries once processed.


With the release of the new robot system, we've released a new robot leveraging all the features the new system has to offer. This cat robot is the entry level robot for new riggers, and is available from two stores currently.


Has been added and can be done through the 'christen' command on the robot controllers. Enjoy!


Maverick was the OG person who would accidentally say something in the wrong window / channel. In honor of the original individual, xkev is now xmav. Mav away!


You will no longer be able to store unpowered ridden vehicles like skateboards, wheelchairs and mop buckets in vehicle storage garages like Millsport.


Those of you with color cyber eyes are now benefiting from two new effects. First, the color of your cyber eye is now showing up, in color, in your short description if its a noticeable element. (more so than other things). Second, each color now has their own notability score for short description calculation. This means that the brighter colors will now be more noticeable in your short descriptions than the darker or more normal colors.

I have updated your state so that your short descriptions might now reflect it. If not, strip down and look at yourself. :-D


List all slangs.


No more @slang all.


Using GLANCE (in its various forms) should now work when inside recombination and specimen tanks. It will let you glance at things in the room the tank is in if its open or lets you see out.


You can no longer use Progia-7s or Progia-3s to craft radios.


A new group of NPCs have been added to the game. I won't say who or where, you'll have to find that out on your own. They've been given some unique clothing and flavor we'll know those of you who find them will enjoy.


More cyberware of a brand new tier has been added to the game, but this isn't like a normal release. None of this ware is purchasable, and it must all be found in game.

Along with this, we had some exciting cleanup on the backend that added features for both cyberware and robotic parts, centralizing a lot of stat-centric and mechanic-centric code that enabled me to make more ware faster than before with a higher level of consistency.


Robots will no longer report crimes as if they are bystander witnesses. They aren't that smart. Usually.


A generic subsystem has been added to the game for damage over time mechanics. The MVP of which includes the first DOT mechanic (and a chance to the type of damage overall): Radiation

Radiation now works differently than other damage in ways that you will have to find out, and I can guarantee that the experience isn't pleasant. Adding these types of mechanics will fill out different types of gameplay and add more variety to the game world.


We needed MOAR POWAH. The battox gelcell has been given more power to justify its high cost.

Additionally, a new microfusion battery has been added to the game. This item has 'always existed', but it is now accessible. Few things use it at the moment, but more consumers will be added than the couple that exist now


HT or Health will now show individual wounds to yourself even if they're covered.


Apologies for letting your fatigue state leak, this bug has been fixed. When checking the health of another character, you will no longer see their fatigue description.