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[Jan '23] Improvements Feedback
Feedback for changes made in January 2023

Feedback thread.
Wrong thread. Whoops.

(Edited by Slither at 10:26 am on 1/2/2023)

I appreciate that the e-scanner no longer incinerates the photographs upon scanning BUT I would prefer if it still did AND...

* E-Prints were enabled to print out photographs which had an invisible forensic fingerprint tying it back to a specific e-note, e-memory module, and SIC chip. Something very discreet that you could only recognize the nuances of based on forensics.

* Photographs of a Photograph were no longer possible

I think if we were able to print out photographs from scanners there'd be no need for photographs of photographs.

I'm wary about scanning back to a SIC chip rather than only the e-note and e-module. But that's probably something we should talk about in an idea thread.

But I love the changes for the scanner and photographs. Thank you!

Let's bring these ideas to the ideas forum. I like them and think we could implement something forensics wise. At least for newly printed photos.

It used to be that .pagebreak would make a new page when you printed. This stopped working when e-notes were ported to the new SQL based system due to certain verbs not being moved over. There was a custom verb that read lines, which was missing. Instead of porting that over I've just made a change such that you can use [pagebreak] instead of .pagebreak. This gets around the need for having a custom verb for reading lines.

This fix does not seem to work. Attempted with e-note and print, it just output [pagebreak] instead of implementing a page break.

Weird. It worked when I tested. Could you submit an @bug and I will reach out to test with you? Include what you were trying to print as well ie resume, paper etc.

It's been a year since this system was implemented and my experience has been that shop income declined to a minimum state of 75% of what it was and never moved afterwards, regardless of any activity: Advertising/no advertising, events/no events, promotions/no promotions.

Can you put in a service request to chat with me about it?
With all the changes to radios and so on. Would it be possible to have the craftable radios able to be installed in locations other than vehicles? Given the skills and items involved, it would make sense that it could be easily adapted for mains power and vehicle power.
We're working on some additional changes for mid band radios, and want to roll out something that may include what you are describing. We're still hashing it out, but actively. It may not be craftable, but purchasable at least.

(Edited by Slither at 2:26 pm on 1/21/2023)

I have a suggestion for the marketing changes that were put in to prevent players from abusing selling crafted items:.

There's currently a limit on how many items can be sold in the market per day. Would it be possible to make the apply only to items that players can craft, e.g. handmade clothes, but to not apply to other item types, e.g. things brought from shops or found in bergs? It can make it hard to get rid of a big stash of items if you can only sell about 3 per day.

Or maybe another option would be for the limit to be swapped from a daily limit to a weekly limit so that a player can go out once per week to sell things (like on a weekend when they don't have work/other obligations). So if the current allowance is 3 per day, it could be a limit of 21 per week which resets on Fridays, similar to the other income caps?

@DiamondNine This sounds as easily circumvented as the weekly automated income cap with a little creative thinking and RP with other PCs. You'd maybe make a bit less chyen off of it, but if you'd be generating RP for other players and if you're hawking 21 player made items per week (or anything for that matter) you're probably still going to come out ahead. I try my best to avoid hoarding, even if it means breaking even or technically selling things at a loss, just to get the items into circulation, and if I can give other players something to do and an income stream, well I mean, RP is what we're all here for, right?

I don't recall any changes to crafted items and the market this month-- unless I missed one. I made changes to fix a bug that was not showing the proper price.

Let's keep this thread on topic for feedback on changes from this specific month. Anything else should go in Game Problems & Complaints or Ideas. Otherwise this thread just becomes a free for all and hard to follow.

That's a lot of assumptions, goblinfemme, so I'll clarify a bit more.

I'm not talking about player-made items. I don't see any issue with the cap on those (not that it would make any difference if the cap is 3 per day or 21 per week on those, as it's the same amount of items, which I think is already pretty generous).

This also isn't about making profit, or about a lack of creativity - I've literally been giving items away for free, on numerous occasions. And paying for creative campaigns out of pocket just to make it something fun for players to interactive with. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered and would have just sold items without the flair. There is actually very little profit to be made from selling these items on the market, if you try to give customers a generous price for them, so it's not about making money.

What this is about is that despite other activities, there is still an abundance of items - things like endless amounts of perfumes and skillsofts that come from bergs, or items that dippers get their hands on, or gear solos have pulled in, or items people have purchased and no longer need - or that want to sell because they're desperate for some cash instead.

There are some other options too, such as reducing the loot in shitbergs so that it matches player consumption better, however the bergs are a system that gives players something to do and provides an opportunity for them to earn cash for their effort. It also creates an obstacle for players to navigate in the sewers. The same can be said for the other activities that player do to procure goods.

There is also the ability to liquidate, under certain circumstances, which is not always an option for all players - but even that just creates more work for GMs.

The market is just as valid of a gameplay feature to interact with, as is going around and hawking items in person, because it also creates opportunities for RP, e.g. teaching novice traders how to use it, hiring an assistant to help, or meeting people there to chat while they're selling items, as well as it being a possible ambush or dipping point for certain types of characters.

My suggestion was made considering all these aspects - it's the simplest change that has no other impact on other systems. The only impact that I can see is that a player may be out less frequently, but they will be out and exposed for a longer period of time, so that kind of balances out.

I'll figure it out either way and handle my own situation, but I wanted to share my feedback with the systems and propose what felt like a good suggestion to help improve the circulation of goods and cash.

Oops sorry! I had this window open for a while and didn't see your response Slither, until after I posted it. Apologies.
I would also like to point out that the market is no more excluding player interaction than dead drops are. It is an intermediary. In many ways it's just an inefficient shop or vending machine. There are a few advantages and a few disadvantages but it's not some kind of RP circumventing tool, outside of cases where players mass produce crafted items to sell.

I am a big fan of 'RP' and also love the limits imposed on the markets. It frees up GM time and makes it so the GMs don't have to be the bad guys all the time. It's generally a good thing. But this suggestion that using markets, outside of abusive use cases, is somehow circumventing other players and RP doesn't make sense to me.

If we want all sales to be player to player with no intermediary then markets are not even the biggest problem.

My bad as well. I apologize!

Hi Slither,

With all the updates to radios, is there a plan to allow radio cyberware to leverage all the added utility of the encryption card rework?


Thank you staff.

Staffing a M* is a labor of love on the best days, and a frustrating kick in the genitals on the worst days.

Thank you for all that you do.

Over 700+ rooms dug blows my mind. I didn't think that Sindome was growing at that rate. But apparently it is. I clearly need to get my character out of their cube and into whatever new places are being created.

With the addition of a new "book" to Techtronics for the radios, can it also be added into rotation for the art/book market?

Also, is it possible to go through the various popular books written throughout the ages and toss them into the art/book market as well? I would think that various factions playing out in the background would want their own propaganda to be permeating the Mix markets.

There has to be more than Surviving Withmore in a market specifically advertising rare and unusual books.

I think they will naturally make their way into those places as they are bought and sold. Some books are intended to be rare, quest item style things at this point though and you will rarely see those in the market.