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[Dec '22] Improvements & Bug Fixes
Rolling changelog of for December 2022


GMs will now see a feed of recent grid forum posts in the same readout that shows them admin and player notes since they last checked. This should help GMs stay on top of what is going on on the grid forums more easily and effectively.

You will no longer see the message about tattoo upgrades when looking at someone else that needs to upgrade their tattoos. Only when looking at yourself (if you need to upgrade).


You should now be able to pass through the immigration gates with a critter in your vehicle. If anyone see's further issues with this please submit an @bug.


There was a wonky situation where the auto responses that WJF Ops supported would use the :title() verb for the person, which would be like whatever that persons @title was, so for instance if they were 'Checking now, Staff Judge Bob Nottamixer' which would be right, but if they were shrouded it would say 'Checking now, a shrouded dude'.

I've added a new verb on characters which searches for employment records, and then uses the Job Title associated with any employment they have, to generate a Title + Last Name.

In cases where they don't have a job it will just return 'Citizen Nottamixer'.

This should be useful in other areas where we want to address people in an automated fashion based on their job title.


Some guns have multiple calibers they can switch between. These guns were not able to be added to an existing gun license because the .caliber was stored as a list and the code was expecting a string (which is what it is for 99% of guns). I've added code to handle this additional situation and this should now work.


There was a bug submitted which established that if you have a telescopic cyberware, and you aim at an open exit, and then that exit closes after the aim, you would still see what is happening in that room (entries/exits) as well as 'look' showing you the room.

Fixing this required restructuring the data we store about snipers and where they are aiming from. I extracted most of the logic to its own verb, and included some automated cleanup which should solve for most situations where the 'state' of the room you are aiming at changes through no action of your own (door closed, room recycled, exit recycled, etc).

If the system detects you no longer have a valid aim, it will force you to 'stop aiming' after showing you a message about your aim target no longer being valid.

I had to touch a bunch of different verbs to do this, and I've tested all the use cases I'm aware of. However, it is possible I missed something, so if you encounter any wonkiness with this please @bug it.


Fixed some bugs with the messaging on these.


Some how files are being created with no content. I'm not sure where that is happening, but when it does happen, the system is expecting a list of strings and just getting an empty string as that's how the file WAIF was set up from a default value perspective. I've added some logic to check for this situation when displaying a file with 0 bytes so it doesn't TB.

If anyone creates a file that shows up as [0b] please @bug exactly how you did it so I can plug that hole. Thanks!


I've reduced the minimal defusal time on explosives from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.


I've also added additional messages that show while defusing and updated how we call the verb that performs the actions while you're defusing so that the messages show evenly over the time you are defusing, and not just at the start and end.


I've also added a message showing you how many seconds you think it is going to take you to defuse it.


You will now have the option of aborting the defusal after seeing how long it will take. It also warns that while defusing you will not be able to stop or do anything else.

I'd like to make it so you can stop defusing but the code doesn't really support it right now, so I'd have to make some changes to that, so this is an intermediate step.


Resolved an issue with non cyberware aiming where you couldn't stop aiming in some situations.


The honk code on bikes hadn't been updated in a long time. At some point we changed from .running to .started to determine if a bike was started. This verb was still using the .running prop. I've resolved this.


Honking messages were updated at some point on vehicles and contained a %sound which is not supported by bikes. I've set bike specific honk messages so they don't include this sound which was not getting subbed properly.


Some of the honk messages in the bike honk code were not being substituted properly. I've resolved that as well.


NPC was saying something they should have been doing. Resolved.


I've updated the messaging when cyberaiming at an edge or exit with telescopic lenses, such that the messages will show the proper long name for the edge or exit instead of 'n' when you see a message such as 'Joe stars intently at the s'.

I've also removed references to 'edges' from the messages because you aren't always aiming off/over an edge.


There is a shop in the badlands that now sells 12 gauge mags for shotties.


I've renamed ZMI PDW-11 Arbiter sub-gun to ZMI PDW-9 Arbiter sub-gun as it uses 9mm ammo, and that seems to be the naming convention.


I've updated the description of some guns that mentioned features they do not have (such as semi/full/burst mode). I've also flagged to the builders to review all gun descs to make sure I didn't miss any.


EAC STG-7 Fenrir assault rifle was described as being cheaply made but was more expensive than most other rifles. I've updated the description.

WAI 900LR carbine on the otherhand were described as being very well made despite being on the cheaper side. I've updated this desc as well.


I updated a few TV ads that were mentioning the old names of guns. If you see more, please @bug them.

Thanks to the player who sent me a detailed write-up of the issues so I could run through and fix them.


There are still some versions of older guns in game (like the MK-23s) this is intentional, these were left as relics of the past, as certain people/places were known to have certain special weapons.

Keep the info coming and I'll continue to make adjustments! Thanks all.


I've fixed a permissions bug in these that was causing a mail about a manual vehicle transfer to not be sent. We were still logging a note when these were used so it wasn't invisible, but this makes it more prominent.


The WJF are very powerful, and they could technically transfer vehicle ownership manually no matter where the vehicle was. I've changed this based on player feedback to restrict it to only vehicles inside the city.


I received feedback that we weren't properly setting player expectations for people in the WJF about when/how/how often the vehicle transfer terminal can be used. As a result I've added an OOC warning to the administrator override of manual transfers that warns this player doing it (someone who is already in a position of power ICly) that they need to carefully consider why they are using the terminal, not use the terminal often, try to RP things out and use other means first, and not abuse the terminal or they would be hearing from the GMs.


There is a guard by the western door. If you ask him to let you out, he will open the door. This wasn't super clear to people, so I updated the guards look_place to reflect this.


The emergency exit that takes you from inside back to the lobby had a door close delay of 10, which meant it was closing before anyone following you could make it through. This coupled with the issue above, meant NPCs were consistently getting stuck in CGH. I've updated the door delay to 20 which should give enough time for anyone following to make it through the door.


With the move to SQL notes complete, the old in MOO notes system has been fully deprecated. We weren't keeping the notes themselves in the MOO, those were on disk, but the index of what notes existed, and their subjects, were in the MOO. Between player and admin notes there were something like 120k of them. The notes indexes were taking up about 10 megabytes of space in the MOO, and in memory.

I've removed them, and now we are ten megs lighter.


We have an in-moo browser object for querying websites. This thing is cool, but there was a bug in some code for long lived browser objects (like we use for our healthchecks) that was essentially adding a new 'link' to a list of links, each time it ran. There were 20k of them taking up a meg if soace. I fixed the bug and pruned the list, so it's not taking up that space.

We are now down from 196 megs on disk to 185 megs.


The code that came with lambdamoo did this weird thing to track missed helps, where it kinda faked an associative array by using two props, one with a key one with the values. We now have maps, so there was no need for this. It was taking up way more space than it needed to. I've updated it to use a map and updated all the code that was calling it. Should save us 200-300k in space in the DB and make lookups/saves faster.


Spacecraft can now 'land' properly like other aeros and vehicles when they are not in space.


You should now be able to drive into this.


There was a quiet error happening when an order carton was delivered due to the potential for a property to not exist. I've added some error catching around this.


There was a bug where we were spawning %color items. This was due to us overwriting an items name after it was set without taking color into account, which wasn't something we needed to do. I've removed that extra step and this should fix the issue.

This will fix anything in an order carton now that hasn't already been spawned. If you have a %color item that you want fixed, put in a service request.


These were not setup properly to be considered both engines and small engines, which meant that if you uninstalled one of these from a vehicle that considered itself to have a small engine (like a Deliverator) you could not install it back. This has been resolved.


These were not broken. They were just unclear on how they worked. They needed to be powered but there was nothing that told you that, or if the device was powered on or had a battery.

I've updated the look_self of the item to show if it has a battery attached and if the device is powered on.

The device auto powers on when it is worn if it has a battery attached. The description now states that.


Fixed a number of flight issues you may have experienced:

- crashing/stalling and falling into inside locations

- peering 'down' into inside locations from airspace directly above

- flying horizontally inside airspace directly above an inside location instead of 'some rooftop'

- flying thru the center of the roundabout at the HoJ like the Lobby wasn't there

- flying up thru the underside of skywalks and gold/green/blue streets

- TBing when attempting to fly into non-existent exits (gangway on spaceport apron, etc)


We did an 8 hour bug bash on Sunday and tackled some of the more annoying / difficult bugs. The non-coders on the staff also helped, investigating if a bunch of bugs were still happening, and identifying exactly how to reproduce. We also took that time to introduce some of the staff to the commands they need in order to resolve issues that happen somewhat often (like applying memberships, adding rooms to the exclude list for mess generation, etc). This was awesome, and I wanted to thank the staff for showing up.

We have 168 bugs remaining. I've also noticed a downward trend in the # of bugs being submitted each week -- which is a big positive!


Long ago, we used to have a bug tracker in the MOO. We moved to Jira to get the bugs out of the MOO so as to not take up space, and because we had high hopes of using Jira workflows to make our lives easier.

The reality turned out to be that few people on staff used it due to a lack of familiarity, the @bug connection would sometime fail causing a bug to not be submitted and of course Jira is a pain in the ass to maintain. Thus, as of today, we're moving to an in-MOO bug tracker (Kaiju) that utilizes SQL to store bugs.

@bug has been updated to use the new system, and it looks exactly the same as the @bug you know already (with some additional fixes to require subject/body of the bug).

There are tools for admin to view / update / assign / resolve bugs at this point, all within the MOO.

Player tools for viewing/commenting on bugs will be coming along in the next few days. This will allow you to view all public bugs, and comment on them, from the MOO. This is how the old system (prior to moving to Jira) worked, and I always liked that system.

Please report any issues you encounter with @bug.

Edit: We will keep Gojira around for now, until we've resolved the bugs we're going to resolve in there, then we will deprecate it entirely.

(Edited by Slither at 7:08 am on 12/16/2022)


Players now have access to @bugs which will show you a list of bugs in the system. There are a few options you can use such as:

@bugs mine (view bugs you've submitted)

@bugs new (view 20 most recent bugs)

@bugs assigned (view assigned bugs)

@bugs unassigned (view unassigned bugs)

@bugs resolved (view resolved bugs)

You will only see public bugs or private bugs you submitted.

You can then use

@view-bug (aliased to @vb for short) [id]

IE: @view-bug 15

This will display the bug to you, and keep you in a 'menu' of sorts with options. The only option currently available is 'c' for leaving a comment.

You can choose if a comment is public/private. If private it will only be visible to admin.

You can hit 'enter' in the menu to exit, or just type @abort.

New system, so please report any issues with it using @bug :)


Submitting a bug will no longer cause your karma to be used with the bug submission message on game-help.

Ambulance door messages fixed.

Ambulance backdoors should have proper messages.

Vehicle Cargo Delivery NPC fixed.

Fixed one of the Vehicle Cargo Delivery NPCs that wasn't giving cargo. It should now give cargo, hopefully.

If it doesn't, please @bug it with info on what it did do, what it didn't do, and any feedback the NPC gave you etc. Ty.


At this point, sever is disabled during combat. It will not auto happen. You can still sever manually. There are a few reasons for it being disabled:

* it is unbalancing other weapons which don't have a 'bone breaking' (melee) or 'blow off a bodypart' (guns) feature.

* it is unclear if it respects armor

* it isn't fully integrated, in that you could sever a leg and people can still flee / it doesn't affect their overall combat ability

* player + gm feedback

At some point in the future, when the rest of weapons have the ability to do similar stuff, we will look at re-enabling.


steal -> forwards to pickpocket

pickpocket -> mentioned help farming

pointout -> added helpfile on this command

downgrade -> forwards to codelock

@bug -> updated with new commands / removed references to Jira


Updated the help file for channels, ooc-chat and game-help to mention @rewind.


Had a report of someone saying you couldn't unload a securetalk card from a freqqy. It is already possible but the alias you have to use is 'card'. I've added a new alias of 'securetalk' so that will work too.


When you pick an 'assorted color' item from a purchase terminal it was asking you to confirm you wanted to buy a %color item. I've updated it to say assorted color instead in those cases as well.


Pizza slices were not spawning from pizza boxes with names. This has been fixed. Pizza on, my dudes.


The fact that manhole covers were sharing a name with manhole the exit was causing issues when trying to throw things down manholes. I've renamed all manhole covers to be 'sewer covers'. The exit 'mahole' remains the same.


This manhole still had an alias of 'd' which was incorrect since there was an actual 'down, d' exit in the room, and this was causing 'stop guarding' to now work. I've removed the d alias and it works as expected now.

If you ever encounter this, please remember stop guarding is just an alias for 'unguard '.


The way we were querying for perks in @stats meant that temporary perks would continue to show up even if they were expired (think commuter pass for crate delivery). This was causing confusion. I've resolved this by expiring temp perks that are past their lifetime before displaying in @stats.


These will now spawn with the appropriate name again. This fix also fixes other items that spawn from spawners that may have not been working properly.


There were some invisible things that were determining how well certain parts performed which were accounted for in prices but not visible to players. These were traction (for tires) and max damage for all parts.

- traction is now included in inspect where applicable
- max damage a part can take is estimated in inspect where applicable

- Motorcycle parts are better balanced with handling and traction mods
- all radiators have varying handle mods that increase as they get more expensive.
- many other parts now have a handle mod where they didn't before


Parts define a 'handle mod'. These make it more/less difficult to control the vehicle in a variety of situations & is a part of getting more expensive parts in some situations. It's the tradeoff you make for whatever value that part is providing. If a part says it reduces handling, that means driving the vehicle will be more difficult. IE: the skill check for successfully controlling the vehicle more difficult. This has always been the case. I wanted to state it here for the record because more expensive does not mean less issues with handling. It usually means more issues.


Tires do NOT have any implications on how fast a vehicle can go. They used to, but that system was removed when it was refactored in 2020-2021. Tires increase traction and either increase or decrease the difficulty to handle the vehicle.

(Edited by Slither at 12:36 pm on 12/26/2022)


There was a bug in my initial conversion of photos to xterm256 a few years ago. As such The code missed 3,456 photos. You may have seen them, they had weird ^~n type code in them. This was the old style. I've loaded all photos from disk (165+ megs worth!) and rerun my migration on all the photos and am now resaving them to disk. Should fix all of them!


Not a bug -- just a heads up. When you inspect a part (assuming you have the right skill to see more details), you will ONLY see information about properties of that part that have a positive or negative impact on the vehicle when installed.

For example, if a tire increases or decreases traction, it will show up. If a part, like a tire, does NOT impact traction, it will not show up. This means that some tires, for example, which have a handle and traction mod of 0, don't show as impacting traction. That's typically what you'll see from baseline parts in most cases.

The benefit of using one of these parts is that in many cases the vehicle requires that part (IE: 4 tires) to move.


Just for clarification, tires (and technically other vehicle parts) can increase/decrease your traction. Traction determines cornering speed. So technically, that could affect the speed of the vehicle in the sense that if you corner faster than another vehicle, if you both have the same top speed, I think you'd beat them in a race.

Cornering is the messages you see when you do a 3-point turn for instance. Some vehicles with some tires won't see those messages because they have such high traction they won't 'corner' per say.


First, I've only partially tested this code as I am waiting for a player with the right licenses / vehicle to be online to fully test and help me validate. I think everything should be working, but fair warning if something is wonky along the way, I'd like to hear about it.

As we had the system set, it would offer deliveries from Withmore to Withmore or Withmore to San Mara or San Mara to Withmore. This was an issue as not every vehicle can make it to San Mara. Thus, as of now, there will be no deliveries from Withmore to San Mara. However, deliveries from San Mara to Withmore are still enabled, as if you're in San Mara with a vehicle, you got there some how!

I've also made it so that if you make a deliver from outside the city into the city or inside the city to outside the city (not a thing now, but could be in the future), you get double the delivery time, and additional money (as you have to go through the gates). This should make it more lucrative. I still need to gather feedback on if the pay is enough.


You can sell Macguffins to certain NPCs who will buy them illegally. This code wasn't working when you handed over a macguffin to one of these NPCs, and we were processing them manually. It's been fixed to now work properly. If you notice any further issues with it @Bug them.


It looks like when vehicles were overhauled more recently, a few changes were made:

1. The names of the locations on bikes were changed in some cases. IE: front end changed to front fender.

This had an adverse affect as stickers are stored in a matrix based on their part location name, and the addon matrix was not updated when the part location was.

2. The 'external' locations on a bike, where parts and their stickers were visible were reduced to include only a handful of locations.

This had the effect of making it so even new parts with stickers in the right location might not have been considered visible when looking at the bike.

I've gone ahead and updated this list to include just about everything on a bike since many parts are visible. This should mean stickers will show up more often when they are on installed parts.

This will not fix stickers on broken locations. That may not be easy/possible. I'll look into it more but no promises.


When you fail to deliver your cargo due to running out of time there didn't seem to be a way to get rid of said cargo. I've added a command in the back room of cargo vehicles 'dump cargo' which will let you dump your cargo. I didn't find any existing way to get rid of cargo aside from that. I tested it and it seems to work but if anyone has any issues with it or knows of a different way it is supposed to be done, let me know.

Do not do this unless you want to suffer the consequences ICly! As not delivering cargo has its own set of IC penalties.


Should work again now.


Eyepods for TV can be paused and resumed. There was a bug in this code which happened when a feed was paused at the eyepod, and then the eyepod feed was resumed at a later time, after being directed to another channel, where it would resume on the original channel. I've fixed the bug and made these work as expected.


When an eyepod is routed to another channel the 'last channel' and 'feed paused' properties will be reset. This means the feed will automatically be unpaused when routed to a channel. I think this is preferable to the feed staying paused when an eyepod was routed, as often times people using them didn't know the feed was paused by the last person to use it.


I've balanced these a bit more. Please keep in mind that just because a part says 'reduces heat' and another part says 'reduces heat' doesn't mean they reduce heat the same amount. This is just an indicator of where they are on the spectrum. Other things, like handling, and hit points for the part play into the pricing as well.


There was a bug where you could not enter a vehicles front room if it was full (ie no seats) but you could board the vehicle, enter the backroom and then walk to the front. This is no longer possible. If anyone notices this still happening please @bug with the vehicle and situation.