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[April '23] Improvements Feedback
Weigh in with your feedback here.

Improvements feedback thread.
Looking forward to more grid stuff in the coming weeks/months.
Seeing all these fixes and adds, it's awesome.

This has been updated to state that if you're going to stop playing or be away for awhile, you should @note and let your boss know ICly if possible. Not doing so could affect your IC opportunities for employment in the future, cause you ICly ghost quit. We know people get busy IRL -- we want to be able to redirect RP that would go to your character to someone else or a different role, or replace characters in important positions, so that other players are not impacted by someone being gone for weeks or months without the GMs knowing when they will be back.

I have sort of a strong stance on this, but hear me out. I think if you haven't been active on a job terminal for 90 days, you should just automatically get ejected from the role. If people have worked years on end for some major lifetime achievement job, and they notate it, sure, give them an exception. Otherwise chuck them.

Having people sit in upper rank roles and do nothing has deleterious effects to jobs. Approvals that are supposed to go through PC's suddenly stop. Chain of command in jobs that support it gets disrupted whereby second in seniority characters may not be given the chance to step up and shine. Budgets go unused for weeks/months. People stop chasing promotions because you feel like you're not playing IC vs IC, you're playing IC vs OOC. If there is truly a concern that upper roles will go unfulfilled, then simply let former people back in at a 30-90 day parole in which they can either step up and resume operations or someone else can plot and overtake them during that time.

Just IMHO, there should be the feeling at a megacorporation or cut-throat mix business that even if you're a senior or an assistant manager at a bar, there's always someone just as qualified and able to take your job from you regardless of if that is the case ICly or not. Not saying every job needs to be this intense in reality, but it feels like there's a general disinterest in a lot of areas of the game when it comes to Job/workplace RP because the current doctrine favors job fulfillment over job activity.

We manually prune these when people have been gone for a while. I don't want an automated system because that doesn't take into account IC actions that have been taken, such as someone asking for a leave of absence due to IRL circumstances.
The phones are awesome, I noticed though, when you get a message it says incoming from your own number, not the number that sent it. It looks like you sent a message to yourself.
@bug it please
The old phones were used in some crafting recipes are these crafted items just gone now?
Brilliant update on the progias, and kudos to everyone involved. Can't wait to see where it goes. So much potential.

If there is one tiny, miniscule, probably not even worth mentioning issue, I find the new texting process the slightest bit tedious with having to make three selections in the menus each time before a message. I understand that this may be difficult since the apps are sorta self-contained now, but getting the old functionality of just 'text # with progia' being added back for those with the app would be nice if possible!

Thanks for all the feedback!

@SoftAndWet you can use command-line commands for that.

>open messages with phone

>input write 999-9999 "Hahaha that is very crazy, wow, I can't believe it!" with phone

Check out >input help with phone with the messages app open for more syntax info.

If any helpfiles need to be improved to explain these functionalities let me know!

New phones are awesome! I hope that the key Progia-11 features are towards the top of the upcoming features, namely silent ringtones (could be an app!) and something to be able to show off how wealthy you are. The silent ringtone thing especially, though all kinds of ringtones are awesome. (Ringtones generally feel like the kind of things we should purchase.)