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You put a scope on THAT?!
Add removing of weapon attachments

As it stands now, you can add all sorts of neat tools to guns to make them do all sorts of neat stuff. The bummer is, you can't take the attachments off one you put them on! Can we make it so that this is possible? I think it would give a little more life to the gun economy and give munitions specialist another fun thing to be able to charge for.
These gunsmiths need to stop using superglue
Unless there are coded restrictions, I don't see why this isn't already a thing. Sounds good.
Please this. You spend X amount of money on a firearm and go through all the hassle of sourcing it, and then need to debate the pros and cons of slapping a mod on it because it'll be "stuck" on it forever.


yes please.
It also could be a feature on certain weapons, for instance newer designs could have picatinny rails built in, whereas older weaponry may need to be modified to have picatinny rails (or some cyberpunk future mounting method) requiring permanent modification to accept removable modification.
+1. I had no idea you couldn't take them off.

No reason for any weapon to have unremovable attachments.


I want to see the reason why this isn't the case, at least, if it was intentional.

This has been an annoying thing for a while.

Imagine buying a fucking gun only to have a regular silencer instead of a compound and you're STUCK WITH IT because you can't take it off. :(


To keep people buying mods instead of "old" guns being stripped, if I remember correctly.

It'd at least give Munitions people something to do, searching for unused guns, stripping them down, and reselling parts. Creating a more flexible economy than where things stand now. Even if all the mods on a gun outweighed the price of the gun itself, it still gets sold for it's "base" value (circumstances applying).

This is actually a good idea.
I am shocked that this is not already a thing. Please allow it.
Took some finding this, but I think it needs to be bumped. It seems like common sense that weapon modifications should be able to be removed from weapons, particularly given how expensive modifications themselves are.
This is working as designed.
WOW!!! I think this is literally the first time I've seen everyone agree with an idea, and not one single person comment any reason they think this shouldn't be the case. Not trying to argue with "The powers that be" by any means, just so shocked by that I wanted to comment. Go community!!!! heh
In Sindome timeline, weapon design stopped with firearms from 1992 and they use J-B weld for mods.

All joking aside, it may be working as designed, but the design could definitely be better. Hell, destroy the mod when it comes off. Just get this 3 foot barrel off of my sebby.

I don't see why weapon modifications should go backwards, 85 years into the future. I had no idea it worked like this.

Weapon techs need more work and RP.

Bumping and +1ing this.

This may be working as designed, but I feel the design needs changing.

Weapon mods are as expensive as the weapon themselves fairly often, particularly once you have paid for someone to install if. Knowing I could go back and have said person uninstall it if need be would go a long way towards adding the mod in the first place.

Ah shoot I bumped this once before. My apologies
someone in townhall spoke about gun mods, here's what i found when trying to find out what thread they meant

please let us take things off of guns thank you that is all

beat u to it

I was looking for 'that' thread too and found only tangential ones, so this one will do.

So, on that topic, let's also immediately include the idea brought up for uninstalls at the town hall:

Uninstalls should cap at 75-80% of the installers skill, not all of it, to prevent impossible uninstalls due to skillcapped installers creating monopoly.

this is for uninstalling weapon mods, not equipment
as it stands, once you slap a mod on a gun, it, as of current code, cannot be taken off for some reason
Yes, and I am referring to uninstalling weapon mods.