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Working up a Sweat
Exercise Social

A special 'workout' or 'exercise' @social that decreases your character's hygiene a bit but without making you smell of sex like 'fapfapfap' does would be nice.

Just an extra touch to help gym rats and the like RP a little more realistically!

+1 I've had this same thought.
I'd want this to be a number of socials that can all work the same way.





then we can map the commands to the appropriate messages, and have them be an $action to have them burn fatigue and hygiene. $action will also handle stopping you from doing pushups while detained or in handcuffs, too.

That sounds reasonable!

Kind of hard to do situps while you're being grappled by a big angry man. XD

I like it!
i wonder if you should get a larger fatigue penalty if you forget to stretch first.. is that possible?
If not a larger fatigue penalty, an increased opportunity for injury would be interesting.