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Work on gold
Projects as objects.

    Okay, I have been reading the posts and been thinking about what jobs will be like on gold. (My character is not there yet, but wants to be.)  Some posts have even hinted at cubicle jobs that are much like SHI.  boring, monotinous and not RP forwarding.  And I am not even sure that they even use the skills that are availible.  Now this might be a complete waste of time but was thinking of creating a new type of objects for work on gold, green and even blue.  They would be called projects.
    The main purpose of using projects would be to give concreatness to the ambiguous concept of corporate politics.  Projects could be completed on time or not, under budget or not.  They could be sabotaged, hijacked, put on hiatus and outright stolen.  The people working on the projects could be hired, fired, bribed, blackmailed, seduced, intimidated, extrated and even killed.  And depending if the project was successful or not, promoted or demoted.

  Projects would be a method of dealing with successes over time, using some of the skills that have been unsupported until now.  The new verb that would manipulate the object would be "provide" (I can't think of a better verb that that right now, if you can you are welcome to.) The syntax would be:

provide <skill> for <project name>

    There would be a skill/stat check against a threashold number. If the threashold number is met or exceded then the manhour counter for that skill would increase by 1.  If the threashold number is not met, then the work is wasted. (the player may or may not know this. depends on how evil you wish to be.) If critical successes/failures are in place then the manhour counter could be increased or decreased accordingly.  Or you could just subtract the threashold number from the stat/skill number and add the result (positive or negitive) to the skill_Manhours counter. set it up so it could never go below zero.  So the better you are at a certain skill, the more work you could get done in a period of time.  To keep the numbers low you could have a delay time like you do with pick or flee.

    Each project would be assigned a project manager pc, who would hire, transfer, supervise and/or fire at will, the employees nessasary to compleate the project. They would only know the nessasary skillsets (people)  to compleate the project and the deadline.  (GM note. the deadline could be way off compared to the actual time needed.) if the people they hire don't meet the threashold enough in the time allotted, the project will fail.

That's all for now.  Maybe more later.  and if I am barking up the wrong tree, please tell me.


There are, naturally, 'projects' that take place in the corporate world. The potential RP is more or less the same as you suggest. I don't believe there is the coded interface that you are suggesting, but in an ideal world, that's probably more or less how it should operate...Rhicora
On a surface level, I like this idea! However...

1. The topside hustle is very much alive. There are plenty of ways to get ahead, to score chy, promotions, and plots topside. I don't think those should be rewards under a system like you're proposing. Rather, for the few jobs that don't have much in the way of coded support for plots, this could be a handy tool towards showing progress in them. Then again, @add-note can do the same thing, only in a less fancy way. I know of a number of topside job-related events that have happened without a coded result; they were just RP'd out.

2. I think there's a problem with the sabotage effort: there aren't many PCs who can do the same specific job topside. It'd be easy to track down who sabotaged a project under a coded system. RPing out your sabotage effort, @noting it, and leaving little trace of it gives a lot more plausible deniability than a rigid list of contributors. Even an anonymous list of contributors runs the risk of being metagamed.

3. Tasks with a tangible result don't need coded support to determine if they fail; the world/PCs will react appropriately.

...I'm not sure how it would be a positive benefit to topside life. How is it not extra paperworky steps added into what already goes on?

Based on past experience, if you just note what you're doing and RP it out as a group, the GMs will notice. 😊