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WJF 10 most wanted list

We need a WJF's ten most wanted list with like, rewards for everyone on there.

Give �some criminals a statistical standing that they an read about how destructive they are!

(Edited by Biohazard at 11:02 am on June 26, 2009)

That's the best Idea I've read in weeks.  Indluding any of my own.
I added a small bit of code today that keeps track of the number of people you've killed.  We already have death records but those are cleared out often enough to avoid bloat.  This is just an integer, the number of people you have killed.

Now, from this, I could build code that automatically makes someone the 'most wanted' person, based on the number of people they have murdered.

This could contribute to the top ten most wanted list.  The WJF wouldn't know exactly how many people you've killed but it's pretty obvious that if someone has killed that many people.. the WJF are going to know about them.

What do you guys think?  Is this a fun way to do the top ten most wanted?

Ehhhhhh. I'm very wary of this.
It sort of takes the mystery out of things.

I mean, what if your character is a high-profile assassin? If you get caught once, it's likely over. In that regard, the WJF wouldn't know who the hell you were.

Same thing with people that kill that are disguised, hidden, laid traps, or whatever. If we're talking RP here, and someone manages to untraceably kill someone, then this code would take that aspect right away, as I doubt the admins would have time to keep track of the what/how/where/who of a kill, unless it's special.

I'd say... how about the most wanted list being generated by the number of -reported- deaths or killings by a person? If said undisguised (or disguised) person kills a lot of people publically, obviously NPC's would turn in descriptions and tidbits here and there. Even then, this would run into the problem above.

That or.. instead of any of this... admins that have been involved with RP that know of mass killers, or criminals of any kind, set the WJF top 10. WJF top 10 admin sub-committee? I dunno.

Oo, or give WJF PC's control/influence over the top 10. Makes getting that badge seem a whole lot more worthy when you can freely put legal hits out on your enemies... ;)
Yes, I don't think it can be something 100% automated, but knowing how many people you've killed is definitely a plus when it comes to an admin picking the top 10.
Plus, if it was completely automated then Judges would start showing up on it.  Which would be funny.
haha. Yeah, but, automated or not, using that as a reference of total kills, instead of total known kills, might be doing a disservice to characters who successfully keep a low profile. Fucking up and leaving evidence at a scene is entirely different.

Also, we'd need to be able to factor in not just deaths, but other types of crime; data hacking and stealing, especially of sensitive data, would be much higher on the list than killing, I'd assume.

Well obviously it shouldn't be automated, becuase that wouldn't make any sense. If you're unknown to the lawman then you're unknown to the lawman. But some of us keep a high profile for a reason.
This definitely seems like something the judge PCs should be involved in. �Although, if I recall correctly, your SIC stores a list of every crime you've been charged with that you've yet to receive judgement for. �Figuring out the most wanted could be as simple as looking at who has the most and/or worst outstanding crimes. �In this way, judges have more of an indirect control over the list by giving someone charges, then as someone racks up more and more charges without ever receiving judgement they will start creeping up the most wanted list. �That would make the most sense to me.

(Edited by Hirononbu at 2:01 pm on June 27, 2009)

however it is done, I just like the idea of it, becuase it is a double-edged sword. Yeah, you're gonna get harassment from joe boys and bounty hunters lookin to cash in, but at the same time individuals as well as gangs use wanted lists for bragging rights to rep points.
It's also great for picking up chicks at the Drome.

"Hey, baby.  You see who's number three on the WJF most wanted list?"

I can see people trying to race to number 1!

That would be my goal anyways.

I think using kills as one of many factors is a great idea. �Obviously there are IC/OOC lines that need not be crossed, and other factors about how public the said character are, and how bad they really are but I think that's a good start on a wonderful idea. � I think big events that make news should also be a big factor. �For instance if your character was part of kidnapping the prophet in public, or some bombing/gunfight at habitat-X or some other sort of high-profile job that should calculate as well. �Maybe a point for every time the globe's mentioned your name as part of a criminal activity. �Two if they give your entire description. �Minus one if it looks like you botched it or handled it somehow incompitantly.

As a side note I think this is a place player notes could come in very handy. � If you kill people out in the open where it's obvious then make a @add-note of it. �The more you have the more wanted you are.

In addition if your part of the top 5, or top 2 most wanted or something you should attract attention wherever you go. �Judges should actively pursue you halfway often, Agents may drop hints on your locale to the WJF, and other random badasses should also give you grief because your "the hardest mixer in town" or somesuch nonsense. � �Maybe bonuses in dealing with mixers and negatives when dealing with corps even...

(Edited by Jotun at 1:46 pm on June 29, 2009)

also-In addition to being able to have the "most wanted" title, said chummer(s) should get random merc work tossed their way, or be positioned in gangs/yakuza/triads accordingly.   I see it as a class system for people that are outside of the standard class boundries.  You should get negatives and positives for it all.

(Edited by Jotun at 1:50 pm on June 29, 2009)

Two issues I see with this are:

How does the system identify a wanted person? I can't see the WJF having a name for everyone in the top ten. A photo-like description could work (assuming a visual has indeed been reported), although reading such a list might get spammy.

Secondly, I think corpie murders should have a huge priority over mixer murders. Kill 10 mixers and the WJF might bat an eyelash. Kill, say, 3 middle-class corpies and the NLM will be all over it, hyping Ninja Joe up as a serial killer or something (assuming the deaths occur above Red). Then the WJF would be under media pressure to get something done about it. Hm, maybe there could be a seperate list for TERRA or something. Not sure how the seperate law enforcement systems work.

Just had an idea... presumably this list would be accessible either on the Grid or via a public terminal in the Hall of Justice? It'd be cool if there was something like a camera that kept a record of who was using the terminal. If the WJF are paying the public to take each other out, they're gonna want to know as much as they can about who's who in the mercenary world. That way if Ninja Joe takes out the entire top ten, he's next on the list, and the WJF have been keeping tabs on him since the beginning. Stops him becoming a threat to anyone who matters.


True, they might not have names for everyone on the top wanted list, but then again, if you're doing a good job of staying low profile, you probably won't be on list to begin with.  Good thing we have these awesome new short descriptions.
And I really don't think a set number of kills should factor in much at all.  If I blow a corpie's head off in the middle of gold in broad daylight, I'm gonna be on the list pretty fast, but if I'm sneaking into people's cubes and apartments, offing them, and sneaking back out before anyone shows up, people probably won't have a clue who I am.
I'll leave you with a quote from Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
Henry: If you shoot someone in the head with a .45 every time you kill somebody, it becomes like your fingerprint, see? But if you strangle one, stab another, and one you cut up, and one you don't, then the police don't know what to do. They think you're four different people. What they really want, what makes their job so much easier, is pattern. What they call a modus operandi. That's Latin. Bet you didn't know any Latin, did you kid?
Otis: Big fucking deal.
Henry: What?
Otis: Nothing.
Henry: It's like a trail of shit, Otis. It's like the blood droppings from a deer you shot, and all they've got to do is follow those droppings, and pretty soon, they're going to find their deer.
Otis: Why don't you use a gun?
Henry: You can use a gun. I'm not saying you can't use a gun. Just don't use the same gun twice.
Ask an ye shall receive.
I wanna pony.
It would be half-cocked and stupid of the WJf to put someone on a top 10 list and not even know their name.
I dunno.  The moment you step your pretty ass in the dome and they plug your skull with the SIC, you're name is kind of pulled up.

You for example Bio, everyone knows your char's 3 names.  As argued as its been, you're not getting out of that again via the "You dunno my name, I never used it."  Its not like judge records get guessed at random and just happen to be true.

You want the rep?  Suffer the consequences that follow.

Quote: from Damarung on 2:04 am on July 7, 2009[br]I dunno. �The moment you step your pretty ass in the dome and they plug your skull with the SIC, you're name is kind of pulled up.

You for example Bio, everyone knows your char's 3 names. �As argued as its been, you're not getting out of that again via the "You dunno my name, I never used it." �Its not like judge records get guessed at random and just happen to be true.

You want the rep? �Suffer the consequences that follow.

way to misread me. I was saying it would be stupid and unprofessional of the WJF to put someone on the top ten and not know what the fuck their name is therfore, they probably wouldn't do it until they know more about them, know their name, Judges doing fact finding shit on them, blahblahblah.

I wasn't trying to say I shouldn't be known or whatever, I play the way I play for a reason.

I like this idea, but I think that names aren't as important as people may put emphasis on.  Instead of physical boards, I think it'd be more beneficial to have a board that can be updated on the grid. It's own thread or whatever so where there may not be a name for a given criminal, perhaps a camera caught em leaving the scene so there's a description there or an eyewitness is able to describe what a person looked like.  And if new information is taken to the WJF via snitches or whatever, new info added to the boards about that person.

This way a new character may 'recognize' one of these most wanted instead of just seeing a name when he/she walks into the room and without reading the description of that person, assumes they know who they are.   Ah well, I might not be making sense, I'm drugged and going to crash out now.

We already have WJF Issued Bounties on the Board that have descriptions when we need to.

However, the Bounty boards are now in game in select places.  Name and Bounty only.  You'll have to RP a description out of people if you want to collect.Jade1202

Or, purposely giving the wrong description to screw someone else.