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Wigs/Contact Lenses Blending With Nakeds
A little love for some expensive items

This has come up a few times but the threads it popped up in weren't appropriate for a bump (based on my searches).

Currently wigs and contacts are generally mustard yellow on nakeds. Some are different colors too, but I've never been able to perfectly match them to my skintone. As it stands they're extreeeemly pricey, for what is essentially a screaming OOC tell when someone looks at you. Also, they're disposable too, which makes the price and OOC issues more glaring.

I think they present a lot of cool possibilities for subterfuge but right now they're not useable for what they're for. Would it be possible for these to match skintone when a player with high enough skill puts them on? Or allow purchasing to match your skintone? They're so close to being incredibly useful.

Just wanted to put this on the radar for everyone since there has been such a flood of awesome updates to the game lately. Thanks!

Just to clarify here: if they worked with @nakeds, the price wouldn't be an issue at all. I'm saying that the price combined with the OOC issues makes them kind of a bummer item instead of a "wow that's badass" kind of thing. Not looking for them to be cheaper, but more effective here.
This, in my opinion, is very needed. But please don't allow or disallow color blending based on skill. I don't think that we should ever use color in a way to determine anything important. If this was done then players who had vision issues would be disadvantaged.

In my opinion wigs and contacts should ALWAYS blend with your skin tone. Period. If we want it to be possible for a wik or pair of contacts to be noticeable then it should be a text notification. Like, "Hair looks like this, possible a wig."

Honestly econ and disguises is a mess, but hey its a dystopic future after all.

Back on topic, I think what you are asking for is possible and might require some RP and interacting with PCs. As far as I know it is possible to craft custom (matching) wigs and lenses.

I'd like to see it balanced with skills/stats as such:

Wigs/lenses crafted using an item and artistry/int/agility or something. They can custom make the color of the skintone. Based on their skill and stat roll, they get:

Crit fail - completely different color

Success - very similar color

Crit success - identical color

Maybe with a few levels in between, you get the idea.

Also on the other end, it would be awesome if people could spot wigs more or less easily based on their int and perc. Maybe even their disguise skill combined with those stats.

I discussed a lot of disguises current issues here...

As for custom matching wigs and lenses, if the single place setup for this and player managed isn't creating a multitude of wigs/contacts that match various skin tones now - I don't think that is the root cause of this issue.

Honestly, if any players are saying that their PCs notice it is a wig or contacts because the colors don't match, I would be quite disappointed as that seems VERY meta to me.

In the current ecosystem, meta isn't just tolerated it's permissible. You need to convince the player, not the PC.

The amount of people guessing and assuming is too damn high.

It's pretty common Grey0.

I know we all want to say "never meta" but this one is hard for people to ignore since it stands out so much. If there was a coded way to obliterate this for people so they didn't have to fight their own eyeballs I think it would be much better.

Also for the record, I've pursued solutions ICly a couple of times with no positive results. It's possible that I'm messing up somehow but I feel like this is something many people are running into.

Nobody's going to ICly say "I could tell it was fake because it's the wrong color", but the current state of the art definitely doesn't prevent them from ICly saying "It looked fake."

And not being wrong.

Bingo, beandip. My hope is that for someone buying these items with the appropriate skillset they can be an asset not a hinderance.
Changing this would be such a big improvement. The items do feel bad to use currently, because as others have pointed out, players are very often going to choose to meta.

Custom wigs or other disguise items that defeat the skintone drawback are nonsensical to me. It simply doesn't make sense that an OOC construct (the "color" of an item's font as displayed on our screens) can be bypassed with certain IC equipment, available only in one place.

It's weird that contact lenses of all things give off the "wrong skin color", and even wigs feels odd. It would definitely feel more appropriate if these things automatically matched the font color present on the character. This feels like something that does NOT need to be addressed IC.
That is exactly my point BubbleKangaroo. Let's START with just making the color match at all times. This alone would be a HUGE improvement. I'm not saying that there isn't room for cool additions and twists at some point but I am most concerned about addressing this more basic issue first.

Wigs and lenses should have no bearings in skintone but this also begs the question, if skintone is locked after being picked, could it be altered by makup/disguise items? Is this a thing? Which is something that this is already doing somehow inadvertently.