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Who hit you?
NPC dialogue recalling last attacker, robber, etc.

It's a common worry that some people may attack NPCs rather than players for hopes that they are easier to take down and or have less of a chance of retaliating later on. This is one of the driving factors of farming, the fact that NPCs can be almost defenseless compared to real players.

To put it simply, I suggest that NPCs who've been attacked can recall the basic/short description of whoever attacked, robbed, or pickpocketed (if seen) them. How would it work? Codedly, I don't know, but the dialogue would be simple.

Q: "Who hit you?" or "What happened?" etc

A: "An average mona carrying a blade attacked me." or "A shrouded average playa attacked me."

Tack on the usual pubSIC callouts such as "looked like Sinners/Snakes/Arteries" for gang violence, even.

Thoughts? Pros and cons? Theme issues?

I think this will help with people not seeing NPCs as easy targets as much, if there are people who care that they were attacked. It would potentially generate RP and maybe get the data market going a bit. This mostly goes for gang violence, but could aid in TERRA investigations/enforcement I'd think. The downside is that it may feed some "white knight" issues, if I were to guess.

I can't think of a reason why this shouldn't be automated.
I thought that the Chatter system sort of addresses this.

That being said, faction members should be able to question their NPCs, assuming they didn't get vatted.

-An average shrouded mona disarmed me.



But Archer, that's not really going... to happen. Unless there's a pattern of behaviour and a matching description, I doubt anyone is going to go out on a limb like that, and if they do, they'd just get slapped like every other smallworlder does for smallworlding.

And it also helps for when there's someone beat bloody at a faction member's feet, saying that, actually, they tripped and fell. Getting a simple 'yeah, an ugly devotchka wearing a dark red t-shirt dipped me' or similar just makes sense, without clogging puppet requests for some relatively basic RP.

Archer: What?

Archer's concern is this opening up a lot of nonsense viz a viz meta / disguise / etc., but that's sort of been set up to happen anyway (potentially) with the shift (understandably!) in staff philosophy toward disguise and people's assumptions. If people want to potentially use such a system's chatter to make presumptions and extort or attack folks, those presumptions are theirs to make.

In the gang context, being able to say "shabby hulking pimp looks like Sinners" vs "attractive twink looks like Arteries" gives you all the information you need, anyways. I don't know if gangers really lack motivation to attack each other, but it might help emphasize that the back and forth is reprisal and counter-reprisal and not just "who should we roll on this morning."

There are more than just gangers attacking gangers. I think the proposed system makes it more dangerous to attack gangers. That seems like a good thing to me.

@Jameson touched upon chatter again.

I hope this isn't too much cross over, but Chatter is fairly specific in terms of descriptions. Someone has been sharing Chatter on pubsic lately, and characters are getting upset because they are potentially being exposed.