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What printed this photo?
Being able to match photos to devices...

This is my take on a suggestion made on some comments from fixes and features feedback thread.

When printed by any device a photo has a random and unique serial number printed on an edge of the back,

Every device that can print a photo has a random and unique serial number on it. Maybe only visible in the settings or something so not

If you have a photo, a device capable of printing a photo and a tools, you can use forensics to try and see if that photo was printed by that device. It's not something just anyone can check like a matching serial number. It's something only a skilled forensics expert using the tool can see.

To give it weight, maybe have the tool print a report saying that is is confirmed. Like a report saying that it has been verified by the ForensiToolMatcher3000 that photo number SERIALNUMBER was printed by device SERIALNUMBER.

After writing my second idea related to this topic I wanted to mention I like the version of 'proof' there better. Just have the results sow up on the tool like a big green 'MATCH' on the display.

This way there will be no need for serial numbers on photos or in devices. To prove it, you just run the test in front of the people demanding proof and they can read the result. I think this will also be good as it encourages PCs to gather.