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I think it'd be cool to have some 'weights' objects as a way of testing your characters strength - how much can you lift before you drop it. Maybe as part of the new sports equipment released, or maybe the gyms can have them.

Also maybe a treadmill to test your endurance, see how far you can run before you get exhausted, or how fast you can run?

Just saw this post. I think it'd be neat to have some more gym items to play with in that fashion.
Agreed, More gym stuff to RP would be awesome. I'm looking forward to walking into the Edge and seeing a bunch of Gym rat bros bragging about their gains.
SwoleDome: a legday simulator set 85 years in the future
I like this. Right now it seems like the gyms are only good for sparring, or swimming. Thing is, there are times when mechanics can enhance rp, and I think this would be one of them. Especially with treadmills. How fast can you run? How high of an incline can you do? All these variables could factor in to the amount of time you can go for without getting tired and passing out, or the distance you can run beforehand.
You're basically asking us to set a way so that you can see directly how you compare with one stat in relation to another player.

Not going to happen.

As an RP aid with just general gym equipment? I can see the allure, but what you're asking about being able to tell how hard you can go is just never going to happen.

Fuck. I didn't even think about that. People would abuse to gauge shit, for sure. :(
I'm glad Glitch pointed this out.
Skills are subjective, and luck-based. The best athlete in the world won't always have perfect form, marksmen will miss their shots, etc. But things like weights are pretty objective, and it seems little more than frustrating obfuscation to keep basic concepts like 'which of us is stronger' from players. I mean, honestly. What do we lose by having a concrete knowledge of our characters general strength and endurance, in practical terms. What do we gain by it? The pros are obvious, the cons are minimal, the system is fun and encourages groupings at the gym. In the real world, I could tell you which of us is stronger with weights? Why not in Sindome?
Because then players don't go out and see their relative feats in comparison to others in real life situations. If you are new, please don't try and argue over the system and how us experienced players don't know what we're talking about.

This change would encourage NEGATIVE roleplay, focus on stat grinding even more, to compare more, instead of actually going out and EXPOSING your character to see what they CAN do vs a hard coded system with no risk.

Not. Gonna. Happen.

I've been playing on and off for two years, but even if I hadn't been, being able to discuss basic ideas behind game mechanics wouldn't require an indepth understanding of the code, especially when that code remains intentionally obfuscated for all players, veteran and newbie alike. How on earth is a character's play going to be increasingly focused on stat grinding in a game where progression takes place at a linear and fixed rate for all players? How does knowing "I can lift about 150 lbs with a bench press" negate the knowledge of "I can oneshot a dog with my fist?" They're completely different metrics, that tell completely different informantion.

At what point of leveling strength could you sling an average-weight human over your shoulder without much difficulty? You don't know, because the metric you gauge your strength by is a series of synonyms for 'strong?' So you might roleplay not being able to lift them while a weaker character might roleplay juggling them no problem? Operating in a fog is not conductive to good roleplay.

That's why you go out and get shit done and push your characters limits respective to thing in question. You roleplay. This is a roleplay game, not a simulator, not a stat grinding/stat focused game.

Stop WORRYING about what your character can do and go DO IT instead of procrastinating. ROLEPLAY instead of complaining and whining, and suggesting features that serve ONE purpose - to tell your stats and compare them.

This feature will take away roleplay focus as stated, which is why I'm telling you to STOP arguing about it once it's been stated it isn't going to happen, in an attempt to bash staff and push the idea and your agenda. Stop arguing over the answer you were given because you don't like it. I explained WHY in depth so it didn't just seem like a outright 'no' and you're trying to hold a discussion when it's been stated it's not happening?

What a productive perspective, that doesn't at all push the entire playerbase into a binary set of good and bad, diametrically opposed 'pure, roleplaying artists' and 'crude, powergaming neanderthals.' You want a topic to be dropped and refuse to let it be discussed because you can't see the value in it, and the reason you can't see the value in it is because the argument is no more nuanced to you than 'DURR, ME WANT STRENGTH VALUE HIGHER.' You've literally ignored every point made and reduced it to a ridiculous "ONE purpose" of powergaming. I'mma let you in on a secret. Transparency isn't powergaming. Wanting to know the basic functions of my character, and knowing how to realistically express them IG? Thats not powergaming. Things like strength and endurance are basic, fundamental building blocks of every physical action I take, and by not having a metric to measure myself against, I and every other player are operating in a fog. No one bashed staff, no ones pushing an agenda, get over yourself.
This thread, or rather, SmexyCucumber's response to it makes me wonder why I play here at all.

Nobody bashed staff, nobody is pushing an agenda. And there is absolutely no reason to be so rude.

You know it's not really your job as a player to start an echo chamber for the staff or attack someone for presenting logical points in a respectful manner. The staff can handle themselves. Playing here for x amount of years doesn't mean you have clout over anyone playing less time then you either. Personally I find his points to be pretty valid. What's the crime in entertaining them? Some of you act like just because someone made an Idea post it will be implemented tomorrow and ruin your game or something.
You really don't need to act all passive aggressive to an idea presented, SmexyCucumber.

There's an idea given and yes, commenting is fine and so is criticism and why you think it's wrong slash false, but that attitude will simply push players away. I do agree with many others here that you need to calm down a bit when everyone is just trying to give their ideas and comments - whether they be right or wrong.

You really don't need to act all passive aggressive to an idea presented, SmexyCucumber.

There's an idea given and yes, commenting is fine and so is criticism and why you think it's wrong slash false, but that attitude will simply push players away. I do agree with many others here that you need to calm down a bit when everyone is just trying to give their ideas and comments - whether they be right or wrong.

This has always been a tough thing to balance in Sindome. On the one hand, having a good idea of what your stats mean and where you stand among the population COULD help people RP things more appropriately. I remember having a character pose lifting someone who they didn't have the stats to lift because I didn't know better. I just knew that I could lift someone of that size/weight IRL and that I'm not very strong IRL. Had I known better, I would have RPed that differently.

On the flip side, if the full mechanics are opened up there most likely will be some who decide to use that information to design 'ultimate builds'. And while Sindome does try and keep things balanced, no game is perfect. I've played games in which 90% of possible builds were ignored because everyone was favoring the four power builds they managed to piece together. I did not like that at all.

While I prefer to play very transparent RPGs in small groups (Fate being my favorite), in a large online community like this I can see why the choice has been made to obfuscate so much.

On the flip side, there are already ways to gauge your strength in game. Every character can 'inspect' things and 'lift' things. To be clear, I'm not encouraging anyone to start having lift competitions. There really isn't a need. Over time you will get a feel for what you can lift and what you can't and what others can lift and what they can't - all just by RPing and getting out and doing things.

And Strength isn't the only thing that can be roughly gauged by just getting out and doing things!

Old Post but I like the idea of more gym stuff, I think it'd be pretty cool to have at least weights, personally at least, and I get that a lot of people will use it to gauge stats and stuff but hey that happens all the time in real life, and since you wouldn't actually get stronger by lifting all day every day I can personally only see the benefits, especially as has been said all of the description words for said stat are pretty confusing, to me at least. Especially for strength and endurance for that matter, but knowing your characters strength seems more important than endurance for emotes and stuff, I mean after a bit of ue into strength I swear it describes your character as really strong which has so far confused the hell out me. Plus, I'll admit I've done it before, people can just ask how much time it takes you to improve on something and boom. Though you could always lie of course or just say you don't know from my experience a lot of people don't. Especially if it's someone whom your character wants advice from and so forth. Personal opinion at least. Plus it'd be cool to go to the gym with someone and actually have something to do besides emote or spar because I'm not sure if I'm the only one who has this problem but sometimes for the life me I can't think of things to do, or how to properly describe them and the like.
Just a thought I had after going through this entire thread, but isn't the point of a gym partially comparing? And don't we already compare with friends and mentors when we spar the training dummies next to each other in the gym?

I don't see how this would be THAT big of a difference from what we're doing, except it'd be a tiny bit more specific and give us more stuff to pay that entrance fee for.

Sparring relies on a number of different factors all mixed together. The relevant stats/skills of both combatants, use of postures, etc.

What this idea provides is a direct comparison of one specific stat only, which isn't really allowed.

The real question here is, does this make for more RP or less RP, and IMO it would make for less RP. And thus, is not a boon for the game.