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Weapon specialization and Nailz fingerblades
should be avaliable.

I think the title pretty much says it all.  You should be able to have Nailz as a weapon specialization.
I disagree based soley on the fact that 9/10 losers have them.
Ya, while I can agree that this is the doucher weapon of choice (tho not everyone that gets them is a doucher, hehe)  It's a cool weapon, that's been around a long time, and should get this love.
I for one want a random object specialization, so if I attack somebody with a trenchcoat, I get to throw sand in their eyes as I beat them senselessly about the head with it.


Nailz are a weapon just like anything else and you should be able to specialize in it.  It's a limitation of the code currently.  If someone were to @bug it I would see that it got fixed.crashdown
A difference between wielding a machete and wielding a katana would be nice. Long blade is cool but it's very Open ended. You don't slash with a machete like you would a katana...And if you do you're an idiot. Also as far as i'm aware even heavy bolo machete's are much less powerful than -specific types of- katanas and this bothers me as a machete dude on a rampage could so take a katana on easily.